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  1. Ultimaker is turning 10 years old and that means it is story telling time! What better way to capture these stories as via the podcast series Talking Additive. Join host Matt Griffin and Ultimaker co-founder Siert Wijnia in conversation as they look back at Ultimaker’s foundation, and several stories of its early transformation. Together, they will explore 2010-2014, traveling through the evolution of the business from the Protobox and Ultimaker Original, to the major leaps forward with the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 3. Curious what it was like in the early days, as a start-up? Listen to Episode 25 - Ultimaker turns 10: A look back


    "Change is the only thing that is constant, and let's embrace that"


    Next up; watch for a series of Ultimaker Turns 10 Talking Additive Mini Episodes, from #1-#10! Check out these Bonus Episodes to hear more short interviews featuring the company’s "first-year" team members, co-founders, and early collaborators. 

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  2. If your bowden tube pops out, I think there is less resistance for the material to just go free out there in the free world where the tube disconnected, than there is to push through the nozzle. So it makes sense that if this happened, your nozzle stopped extruding. I don't think it makes sense to try again. Did you ever inspect the inside of the collet? Can you see 4 equally sized and angled small metal blades? 


    If this has happened before, the filament that was sitting in your print core waiting to be extruded before the bowden tube popped out, might have been sitting there for some time being heated and heated. You might want to clean your print cores before you try a new print with new collet + bowden tube, to ensure you are not running into a clog that has been building up from these endeavours. 

  3. Hello, it is possible that the collet is the problem. Alternatively to ordering a new collet / tube, your reseller might have been able to ship you a new one if your collet is not working properly. It has 4 metal teeth on the inside which bite into the bowden tube and keep it in place, if they are bent or missing they have less grip and its possible they can't hold the bowden tube in place. 


    When your collet is fine, but something else created so much force that it pushed your bowden tube out of the collet you could shorten the bowden tube because the area where the collets previously bit into the bowden tube might be scraped, so it will have less grip. You can't endlessly shorten it though, since it will change the inner tension in the bowden tube (curvature) and filament extrusion parameters are calculated with a standard bowden tube length in mind. 


    Most likely, you just need a new collet (and maybe a new bowden tube?) and that should solve your issues!

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  4. Hi @joel_peppa_pig, thank you for your comment and welcome to the community! 

    If you are curious about the difference between our printers we have comparison sheets on our product pages. What separates Ultimaker from a lot of other brands is that we not only develop a printer, but also our own software (Ultimaker Cura) and the largest material portfolio out there. This consists of various Ultimaker materials, but even more materials from our ecosystem partners for which print profiles are developed so you can load the material, load the print profile and no further tweaking is required to start. I think a good way to describe where our products are, is at the fine line between reliability and flexibility/freedom. Ultimaker develops not only a printer, but an entire platform that can offer you the most integrated and versatile experience. The platform we are developing is most tailored towards business needs and its operators. What do you want to use 3D printing for? 

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  5. Hi everyone, looks like you didn't get a reply from Ultimaker yet in this thread! Our apologies for the inconvenience. We have rolled out several firmware updates since the first post which addresses several of the issues mentioned so I trust most of them have been resolved by now (from earlier in the thread), if not - please let me know! 


    I also see some comments regarding the use of Ultimaker PVA. I think it is pretty well known that PVA is a difficult material to print with, due to its sensitivity due to moisture. The Ultimaker Material station should help with that, but it is still possible that it can break somewhere between the spool and print core. This can have a few reasons and we have been tackling many via firmware updates. One of the reasons we can't tackle via firmware, and that has to do with the knurled wheel design. We have developed a new one that should make using PVA much more reliable. If you have difficulties printing with PVA, please get in touch with us via a support ticket.


    @Trlby How is it going with your Ultimaker nowadays? Please let me know if you need any further support. 


    @StevenD90s Please see my above message regarding PVA. Which firmware were you on? We launched a new firmware yesterday with improve deprime parameters. Perhaps those might help, instead of going back a version. 

  6. 17 hours ago, Gero said:

    Great presentation.

    But I have to ask this question: What is the main difference between PETG and CPE from Ultimaker?

    What are the differences that I should keep in mind to make the decision on what material to choose?


    From what I can see PETG can handle a slightly higher temperature (70°C for CPE, 76°C for PETG; based on the data sheets), has some more colours to offer and is just a couple of euros cheaper.


    I often read that CPE is Ultimakers PETG. That's why I have to ask 🙂



    Hi @Gero, great question! So great, we actually covered it in a support article 🙂  The article might be best summarised using the last paragraph:


    "Unless you require the specific chemical resistance of CPE, it is very likely that you would prefer to use PETG instead. You will benefit from improved printability, while retaining or exceeding the mechanical properties of the printed part." 


    Make sure to read the article if you want to know more! 

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  7. Hi! 


    We’re proud to announce that we’re adding PETG to our list of materials, along with the print profiles for optimal print results. PETG is not just any material, we think it has the capabilities and specifications to become the new go-to material. An honor that belonged to (Tough) PLA for a long time. 


    Available in a variety of colors, including transparent, translucent and fluorescent, it’s perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, thanks it’s properties like good printablility, toughness, chemical resistance, wear resistance and temperature resistance. 



    Why would you use Ultimaker PETG?

    • It’s for anyone – novice or expert. Ultimaker PETG is one of the easiest-to-use 3D printing materials on the market. With good adhesion and print profiles – including engineering intent profiles – anyone can quickly and easily start 3D printing with Ultimaker PETG 
    • It enables you to unlock the widest range of technical applications. Compared to PLA and Tough PLA, Ultimaker PETG unlocks the widest range of technical applications, offering the printability of PLA, but with the industrial properties you need. This enables you to create a wide range of industrial parts, tools, and prototypes. Ultimaker PETG offers the ideal balance of properties for Ultimaker users in industrial environments, with good all-around visual, functional, and mechanical properties that can withstand environmental influences such as wear, chemicals, and warmer temperatures 
    • It sets the standard for enterprise-grade, industrial use. Ultimaker PETG is one of the most affordable technical 3D printing materials. It is also perfectly suited for different industrial environments – versatile, safe, easy to print, and available in many colors. Together, this makes Ultimaker PETG easy to deploy across your organization – meaning fewer changeovers and increased standardization


    Curious about the Ultimaker PETG?

    Read more about it in our blog
    Download the PETG spec sheet here

  8. We’re happy to announce that firmware 6.4 is released today for our Ultimaker S-line 3D printers. With it comes increased reliability and compatibility with our newest Ultimaker material; PETG. 


    Release notes: 

    • Increased reliability – Improved deprime parameters will reduce the chances of getting certain errors due to material movement for the S-line Pro Bundle, known as ER34, ER35 and ER80. 
    • PETG compatibility – This firmware contains the print profile and allows printing with our newest go-to material; PETG. 
    • Reboot button on fatal errors – It is now possible to reboot a printer using the touchscreen interface when you ran into a fatal error
    • Digital Factory connection prevents if host of a printer group – Grouping printers is no longer supported. Connecting a printer to the Digital Factory will automatically remove it from the group it was in. If a printer is the host of a group, it must first dissolve the group before it can get connected. 


    And we also fixed some bugs:

    • Added delay between ER34 occurrence – This should lead to more success in recovery from the error code, leading to a decrease in fatal error occurrence 
    • Added delay between ER80 occurrence - This should lead to more success in recovery from the error code, leading to a decrease in fatal error occurrence 
    • Fixed a bug for Digital Factory leading to repeated error messages - Error messages were wrongly displayed multiple times in the Digital Factory. This is fixed 


    Ready to use firmware 6.4? 

    USB Update (.swu file): 
    o    Ultimaker S5-R1
    o    Ultimaker S5-R2  
    o    Ultimaker S3 


    Recovery image (.img file): 
    o    Ultimaker S5-R1.img
    o    Ultimaker S5-R2.img 
    o    Ultimaker S3.img 


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  9. Hello, I'm glad someone linked to the support articles. They are a good resource to check first. I would indeed recommend using the adhesion sheets or something similar. There are upsides and downsides to an adhesion sheet, a downside being that the entire adhesion sheet is not easy to remove so you will have one side of your buildplate with the adhesion sheet. (Unless you have more than one glass plates). A friendly alternative, which is also mentioned in the support article is the adhesive from Magigoo: https://magigoo.com/products/magigoo-pp/ Magigoo has pretty good adhesives for 3D printing. 


    Not every glue is the same, so the same glue you have been using for PLA will not be sufficient for PP. PP warps much stronger than PLA does. Good luck!

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  10. Hello, if you are new to the Ultimaker ecosystem or the Ultimaker marketplace specifically let's take a minute and see what you will be able to find there that can be helpful to you. 


    The downloadable plugins and profiles offered by our contributors add a great deal of value to the 3D printing solutions we provide. Most of these contributions can be found in our Marketplace where you can add them to enrich your workflow. You need to be logged in with your Ultimaker account in order to do so. The marketplace contains of 2 sections;

    • Material profiles
    • Software plugins 


    Software Plug-ins. 
    There is a variety of software plugins available that you can chose from. Some are contributed to us by partners and others by dedicated users of our products. There is one thing that unites them all; they provide great value to your 3D printing workflow.

    The available plugins vary from Custom supports to SolidWorks integration and to a very useful Settings guide. Some regular contributors are @fieldOfView, @ghostkeeper, smartavionics and @thopiekar. Many thanks guys!


    You can find all the plugins here: https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/plugins


    If you have any questions about how to use the marketplace, how to install a certain plugin, the amount of plugins or profiles visible for you or anything else related, please leave a comment below or create a new thread. We're happy to help! 


    The thread about the materials and profiles in the Ultimaker Marketplace can be found here

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  11. Ultimaker Personal is the software solution that's perfect for the individual user who wants to explore basic 3D printing capabilities – with remote printing via Ultimaker Digital Factory and Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy e-learning courses.


    You can freely use Ultimaker Cura and the Ultimaker Digital Factory and up to 5 free Library projects.


    Ready? You don't need to activate anything. You gain access to Ultimaker Personal by creating a free Ultimaker account, adding your printer to the Digital Factory and by not using 3D printing professionally you automatically use the Ultimaker Personal plan.


    Are you using Ultimaker 3D printing professionally? Consider upgrading to Ultimaker Essentials, Professional or Excellence

  12. Ultimaker Excellence: The complete package

    Ultimaker Excellence offers a complete, custom solution for enterprises. Benefit from all that Ultimaker Professional offers alongside additional features. These include an open platform with two-way cloud API access and federated single sign-on capabilities.


    We provide specialist support too. From advice on application development to business intelligence support, our skilled team is on hand. We guarantee no more than a six-hour response time. What’s more, support is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. These services ensure you stay active, efficient, and productive.


    And if you’d like your workforce to learn the full capabilities of 3D printing, this plan unlocks full access to the Ultimaker 3D printing Academy.


    A subscription to Ultimaker Excellence provides you with:

    • Software that fuels innovation. Cultivate expertise with software that maximizes the power of 3D printing, aided by a Digital Library of tools and parts, full 3D printer overviews, seamless CAD integration, just as with Ultimaker Professional
    • A custom workflow for your business. Enjoy full flexibility to unlock the 3D printing solution that's perfect for your organization, with business-custom process such as federated single sign-on, and API to integrate Ultimaker Digital Factory into software tooling
    • Tailored, expert support. With dedicated expert hours, Ultimaker Excellence speeds up your adoption by enabling you to get the support you need, when you need it – whether it's advice on application development from application engineers, BI support for specific tooling for data engineers, or API integration support
    • Less waiting, more productivity. Access direct, 24-hour business day support from Ultimaker experts, with no more than a six-hour response time, ensuring you stay active, efficient, and productive


    Pricing for Ultimaker Excellence is customized based on an organization’s requirements. Get in touch to discuss your needs today.

    Curious to discover which plan fits your needs best? Compare plans here!

    Do you have any questions about Ultimaker Excellence? Feel free to ask them below! 

  13. Ultimaker Professional: Elevate your operation

    Take the next step with Ultimaker Professional, our advanced software package. Elevating your 3D printing capabilities, you enjoy all the benefits of Ultimaker Essentials, plus more. Extra features include the ability to open CAD files directly in Ultimaker Cura Enterprise (coming summer 2021) so you can skip conversion to STL.


    With Ultimaker Professional, use the Digital Library for sharing and unlimited storage. Building a company-wide Digital Library increases the number of available applications. In turn, that enables collaboration and innovation.


    Furthermore, you gain access to additional Ultimaker 3D printing e-learning courses with this package. That allows you to professionalize your 3D printing and scale-out. Our Professional courses give you in-depth knowledge to improve collaboration and foster innovation. And when you need help, our software support team is on hand within a 12-hour response time.



    A subscription to Ultimaker Professional enables you to:

    • Share, inspire, print. Cultivate a workforce of printing professionals with a common goal, sharing best practices and designs, and building a Digital Library of parts that your organization can use to continually increase the number of successful applications available your engineers and operators
    • Learn, collaborate, produce. Access to advanced courses in the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy e-learning platform enables your organization to push innovation to its limits. With courses designed specifically for multiple roles and skill levels, you'll flexibly upskill your workforce from novices to 3D printing professionals
    • Get on with work – no workarounds. A seamless, connected workflow enables your engineers to work more efficiently than ever – manage and monitor Ultimaker 3D printers remotely, and save time by printing directly from the Digital Library
    • Make data-driven decisions. Reduce costs, meet goals, and react quickly to changes – all backed by the data that proves it. Templates for BI tooling, plus information on the business value of tools and parts within the Digital Library also give you full reporting oversight of your entire 3D printing operation
    • Stay safe with tools built for business. Ultimaker's full software platform offers you enterprise-grade security, support, and control via software that meets international regulations, organization-wide access management, access to Ultimaker Cura Enterprise, and direct support – enabling you to 3D print with peace of mind

    Ultimaker Professional is available for €500 ($600), €1,500 ($1,800), or €5,000 ($6,000) per organization, per year (excluding taxes). Pricing levels depend on the number of printers and users.

    Curious to discover which plan fits your business needs best? Compare plans here!

    Do you have any questions about Ultimaker Professional? Feel free to ask them below! 

  14. Ultimaker Essentials: Start 3D printing at work

    Ultimaker Essentials now comes included with every Ultimaker 3D printer and allows you to centrally manage 3D printing workflows. Designers and engineers can create parts when and where they are needed and spend less time fixing IT issues. Features include remote printer management, a firmware firewall, and verified plugins. Create up to five private projects in the Digital Library and store 20 files per project.

    Your company also benefits from Associate level e-learning courses and direct software support. Ultimaker Essentials gives you the tools to start 3D printing and accelerate innovation. At the same time, IT requirements are met.


    Do you already have an Ultimaker and you wish to use Ultimaker Essentials? You can redeem your license here.
    Curious to discover which plan fits your needs best? Compare plans here!


    Do you have any questions about Ultimaker Essentials? Feel free to ask them below! 

  15. On 4/29/2021 at 7:48 PM, Josesjunior said:

    I started the courses, but it says that I can't finish it.

    The interface shows that the each module is 100% but when in home, it shows that i am 2/3 modules.

    is there a problem or any secret that I'm not seeing?


    Hi @Josesjunior Thank you for your message. Let me check with a colleague. Are you using the same email address for the community as for the Academy, if we wanted to check your progress? Thanks,

  16. Hallo, bedankt voor je bericht. Software settings kunnen invloed hebben op de beschikbare ruimte die je hebt om je 3D print in te plaatsen. Als je bijvoorbeeld een prime tower activeert in Cura, welke in de rechts achter hoek geplaatst zal worden, dan kan dit niet overlappen met je print. Als je maximale bouwhoogte op 298mm uitkomt, dan heb je waarschijnlijk de functie Z Hop aanstaan. Als je 'Z Hop When Retracted' uitzet, zul je denk ik tot 300mm uit moeten komen. Succes! 

  17. On 4/13/2021 at 10:39 PM, Nicko_Airbus said:

     Did you get better results ? I have the same issues with Aquasys and my printer (ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle). I wonder what we should change to get better prints. 


    Any Feedback ? @willryan3 @SandervG


    Hi @Nicko_Airbus thank you for your message. Apologies for my late response. I was quite occupied with the organising and contributing during the Ultimaker Transformation Summit. Can you explain what issues you are experiencing, and can you elaborate a little bit more on how you use the material in combination with the material station?


    For example, do you dry it before it goes into the material station? It does a great job keeping it dry, but it might be more difficult in getting it dry if it contained too much moisture when you load it in the material station. 

  18. Hi Claus, thank you for your feedback. I found it quite inspiring, to learn about the vision, research and strategy that goed behind our products and their placement. 


    The essence of what Jurgen shared is captured on this page. Perhaps you like it more. 

    If anyone is interested to see Jurgen's presentation, you can still do so at the Ultimaker Transformation Summit!


    If you have any specific questions or enquiries please feel free to reach out to me! 

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