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  1. Hi, I would probably print it with support or a raft. Depending on if you can print with Breakaway filament or PVA or not, you may need to do some post processing to remove the remaining scars of the support material from your printed object. Cura also allows for some configuring to add some extra space in X/Y/Z for your support structures in which you can influence how tight your support is merged with your model. 

  2. See you around on the forums! Hopefully you will learn a lot here about 3D printing and you'll be able to enjoy this wonderful technology to the fullest. 

  3. Hi Kevin, 

    Do you mean this material by chance? https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/3DXTECH/3DXTECH_CF_PA6_2019


    If so, or if you mean a different material that is not listed in our marketplace, it most likely gets stuck because the material profile is not optimized for the material station. (I am assuming you use it in combination with a material station since you have listed on your profile that you have an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle). 



    I will check if an update is on its way, and otherwise I'll ask if 3DXTECH is considering of updating/adding the profile. 


    I see we have 2 other PA carbon fiber materials in the marketplace of which the profile has been made compatible for the material station. F3 PA-CF Pro from Fibertree and Luvocom 3F PAHT CF 9742 BK from Lehvoss. Since you will be working with a different profile I don't know how it will impact your print quality, but it might help with the material getting stuck. 

  4. 1 hour ago, mi-control said:

    Hi, Yes it show empty when removed. I belive your right, its probably programmed as AA. Its brand new from printer box.. 

    I guess it also related to the other problem as you mention.. Is it possible to overcome this or do I have to get a new printhead?




    If the print core is indeed programmed incorrectly, you should be able to report this with your reseller and get a new print core. Good luck!

  5. Hello, 


    Thank you for your message and I'm sorry to hear about your issue. 

    On 1/8/2021 at 9:21 PM, bastos80 said:

    On top of that, Ultimaker moderators explicitly removed the files (linked in that topic) required to do so!


    It is important to realise that we, Ultimaker support and community moderators, are happy to support you in getting your printer back to work. But the instructions and especially the recovery image could become updated over time and to ensure everyone uses the correct files, and not make the problem worse, we prefer if they are not shared publicly. Do you have an issue? Ask us and we'll make sure you get the correct information. 


    I'll send you a DM with the recovery image you need and the instructions to follow. 



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  6. 10 minutes ago, IOOS said:

    But in my case: both filaments are the exactly same type of material. Only, one is flexibel.


    Hi! Well, that makes them not the same, does it? 😉 Since one is rigid and the other is flexible, that would be exactly what you would put in the <materials> field. If I may make a suggestion:

    Brand: TCPoly

    Material: ICE9 PA Rigid

    Color: Dark grey

    Label: should be used more for like references to a certain layer height, or for 'engineering profile'. So whatever applies here. 


    The other one could be:

    Brand: TCPoly

    Material: ICE9 PA FLEX

    Color: Dark grey

    Label: should be used more for like references to a certain layer height, or for 'engineering profile'. So whatever applies here. 


    I agree that it can be quite time consuming, especially when you need to figure everything out for the first time. But I'm sure it will become easier over time, and on top of that we're also working on making it easier to manage but that will be for a future update. So stay tuned 🙂

  7. Hi, let me check with one of our product experts and get back with you. But if you look at the existing material profiles on an Ultimaker (let's take TPU as an example), if you browse through the list of materials on your Ultimaker you see only material types, like TPU 95A listed. Which is:  <material>TPU 95A</material>


    So perhaps you could change the <material> field to what you want it to list? 

  8. Een negative waarde voor Initial layer horizontal expansion is inderdaad een goede manier om elephant food tegen te gaan. Ik kan ook aanraden om het engineering profile te gebruiken als je dat nog niet doet, dat profiel is er ook op afgesteld om iets nauwkeuriger te zijn. Waarom zijn ze niet allemaal nauwkeurig hoor ik je vragen? Soms is dat niet het belangrijkste in een print, soms hoeft het niet ergens in te passen en wil je enkel een zo mooi mogelijke print, of wil je zo snel mogelijk een print hebben omdat tijd de belangrijkste factor is. Nou, om die redenen hebben we een aantal verschillende profielen gemaakt die dat ondersteunen. Wat je zelf al zei, een one size fits all solution is er vaak niet voor 3D printen, dus het kan mogelijk zijn dat je nog kleine aanpassingen moet doen aan een profiel, specifiek voor het model dat je wilt 3D printen. Maar dat leer je automatisch door ervaring en dit forum 🙂

  9. Most likely yes, the question is if there is already a profile for your printer in Cura. If so, you can use it just fine. If there isn't, you could try to ask the manufacturer to contribute one to Cura so you, and other users of that printer, will be able to use Cura. 

  10. Hi, are there any hidden planes on this STL or something that might make it larger? What dimensions does Cura tell you this model is? Do you have any settings enabled like a lot of brim that might make it too large? Do you get a similar warning with other models too?

  11. Hey, thank you for your message. Your Ultimaker is all like 'you should see the other guy!' 😉


    The bowden tube definitely needs to be replaced. It is possible that the sliderblock is bent or perhaps cracked. You should be able to get both from your reseller. When you have received new sliderblocks (if the current one doesn't hold your axles anymore) I would recommend to do a calibration to ensure your Ultimaker is not bent out of shape.


    Instructions: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017142879-How-to-align-the-axles-on-your-Ultimaker-printer



  12. 14 hours ago, noslenwerdna said:

    Is there any way to get them back? I am new to cura, coming from prusa slicer and it's very confusing to me as to what these tools do. They seem to have tons of options which makes it difficult for me to remember which one does which, especially if I add to the "adjustment tools" with tools from the marketplace. Please help with this issue, thank you.



    This is a thread of over a year old. There are tooltips in Cura which tell you what a certain feature does. In the marketplace is also a settings guide plugin which can help you with other settings. Good luck!

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