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  1. We are happy to share Ultimaker 4.8 Beta with you. It marks a new step in the evolution of Ultimaker and perhaps the world’s most used slicer. You can help to make it even better for yourself and all its users by taking part in this Beta and report your findings back with us. 

    So, what new features can we share with you today?


    Arrange models has been improved.
    Until now, the arrange models feature didn’t always utilise the available bed space to its fullest, which made a lot of users arranging their models by themselves. An improved arrange models feature should provide you with your assistance from now on. Parts are automatically more tightly packed, using the full available space on your build plate. 




    And we shouldn’t neglect to mention that this feature was developed with the power of the open-source community. A big thank you to Prusa Research, who developed the open-source library used to creature the feature’s improvement. 


    The cool side of the build plate.
    Ultimaker Cura will now show your model, or part of your model in a different color when it reaches below your build plate. This should help in creating a more visual guide which part of a model will be cut off and therefore not printed. 


    Loading project files. 
    When you load a new project file, you can now select with which printer type you want to open this project. You can still choose to open it with the printer type it was originally sliced for, but you have the option to select a different printer type too. 


    Bug fixes included in Ultimaker Cura Beta 4.8:


    Measurement units correctly applied.

    Previously, when changing percentages, the wrong axis would be scaled, resulting in a broken model. This has been fixed. 
    Artifact removal in curves.

    Fixed an issue that left tiny artifacts in certain curves, causing the print head to slow down. This results in smoother print surfaces when printing such curves. 
    Curious to give Ultimaker Cura 4.8 Beta a try? You can download it here.
    Please share your findings with us below. Together we can make things better! 

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  2. Hi @gpitts


    thank you for writing a message here outlining your issues. Who is your service partner? Fbrc8 by chance? They are very knowledgable and offer excellent service. @fbrc8-erin even roams this forum occasionally. 


    Last time you mentioned you were waiting on a new cable and your service partner was working with you on the error messages. If you need any specific help on certain issues, please let us know, like if any error messages remain to occur after installing a new cable. 


    Thank you, keep us posted. Have a great day! 



  3. 47 minutes ago, Jonas98 said:

    just don't know how to say that...

    You get from us:

    Password protection (just at the web server) would be a nice solution to me.


    You say:
    Sorry password just on the webserver is no solution for you...


    I don't think that is a correct summary of what ctbeke was saying. We are looking into security features, but only a password for the web would be just half a solution for everyone who doesn't have their printer locked up in a room. And having only half security is like no security at all. So instead, we are investing this security issue from a wider perspective, so hopefully it will deliver a solution to every user who needs more security. 


    If you are suggesting our development team should develop every feature request we get from a user I don't you'll ever see a new product from us ever again and a very strange user interface (based on everyone's individual needs & preferences, but launched for everyone). Instead we hear your request for security, and our response is that we are looking into it but it is not as easy as you might think. Hope this helps to create some perspective! 

  4. yaay, points for the community! I think most accuracy settings can be dialed in by the slicer, but if there would be any difference the UMS3 might be a bit more accurate just because it is smaller, so it has less weight to move around. 

    But most gains can probably achieved via Cura (and the tips you can get from our expert users in the community!). How tight are the tolerances that you are looking for?


    I have also tried that last model you tried on an Ultimaker, not sure if it was the UM3 or UMS5, but for me it failed because the bottom layer blended. Elephant's foot. When you compensated for the elephant's foot by decreasing 'initial layer horizontal expansion' it worked.

  5. Hi @ninjaltum thank you for posting this question here. There is a way we can help your Ultimaker S3 to help remember who he truly is, carry the S3 model with pride, without shipping it to your reseller (not sure if that is what they will suggest). Please let me know if you still have it in your possession and I will share the instructions with you. It is not complicated, you can place a file on your USB, insert it in the S3 and it should do the trick. 



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  6. Hi @gpitts, thank you for your message. Sorry to hear it seems like you have run into some issues with your Ultimaker. A flooded head can be quite a hassle to recover from, depending from the size it might be better to replace parts than to recover. Sometimes if a part is slightly bent, you should be able to bent it back. By default this is not a good or bad practise, but it really depends on your situation. 

    If consecutively you started having communication errors this might be a sign that the flooded head caused some more harm than 'we' initially thought. I trust you will be able to work it out with your reseller. 


    Regarding the material station, multiple RFID tags can create some noise, but we always recommend to insert your spool on the far left side of each bay (where the reader is). This should work.


    If there is anything else we can help with or if you have any further questions please feel free to ask! (perhaps start another thread so we don't hijack @sensebellum 's thread.)


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  7. Hi @sensebellum, thank you for your message! Hopefully you will get a lot of input.


    Ah yes, the promise we regrettably couldn't fulfil on the Ultimaker 2. We still regret it to this day, and learned many lessons. Are you also looking for more print capacity or only to enable dual extrusion? Do you think you will use PVA mostly, or other support materials or build materials? Depending on your answers, the community at one point united and build this modification. It was very well received, but it does require modifications with the attached risks. So if reliability is high on your agenda (and the use of PVA), I might not recommend it. But I wanted to put it out there as an option.


    Regarding the Ultimaker S5, some questions I can not answer as a user, but as an Ultimaker team member I can try and answer some.


    10 hours ago, sensebellum said:

    1) How realistic is the uptime of this printer? Lets talk specifically PLA & PVA.

    The uptime is good. Just with any technology, there can always be a hick-up but often they can be solved quickly. PVA is a rather sensitive material, which needs to be treated as such. If you don't treat it well, it can give you difficulties. Particularly due to the moist it attracts from the air. The issue you mention from 2018 with the flow sensor has been addressed in an earlier firmware version. 


    10 hours ago, sensebellum said:

    2) How reliable is the remote access? Always up or it's kind of a hassle with spotty connections and you don't really use it 6 months in?

    We had some issues during the first months after being launched where connectivity sometimes dropped, but this has also been addressed a few firmware versions back. We do recommend to connect it to LAN, since that will always be more stable than wifi. 


    Next few questions are more aimed at users I think..


    10 hours ago, sensebellum said:

    8] How often do nozzles get clogged? What happens when a print core is clogged? Do you have to buy a new one? Can you fix the existing one?

    I like to think they rarely clog. If they do, we have cleaning filament to unclog them. Our print cores are really reliable and have a very high uptime. 


    Hope this helps! Perhaps you can also describe what you intent to use it for, so people can also give specific tips to keep an eye for, or give recommendations. 


    One thing I would like to add, as shown in the previous answer regarding flow sensor, connectivity and the responses you get in general, is that we actively support our products and you can expect to receive updates throughout owning one. This community is also a great place if you want to learn more about our products, 3D printing, or how to improve your 3D prints. I believe this adds a lot of value to your experience of owning an Ultimaker 3D printer. You are never left by yourself. 


    Thanks again, have a great day! 

  8. On 10/10/2020 at 1:06 AM, mike_doell said:

    I have powered it down and after powering back up the display is still blacked out and


    Perhaps it sounds as stubborn advice but could you try to reboot again? Perhaps power it down for a few seconds and try again? The black display occurrences we've encountered should be fixed with a reboot usually. Thanks.

  9. Hello, 


    Let's conclude this discussion. Ultimaker Cura is tailored for Ultimaker 3D printers and open to third party printers. We create the platform and keep that door open, but we are not responsible for profiles of other printers, for reasons mentioned above. Not every update requires a modification to a profile, but new features can in theory impact elements of a printer profile. That is why we lean so heavy on testing during the beta test. You can help identify existing bugs and improve the experience for yourself and your peers. 


    In the meantime, we are happy that you can freely use our software and lean on our community of 3D printing experts for help. 3D printing is a wonderful technology and we're happy we can help so many users in their 3D printing experience. If you're not satisfied and/or want to make things better, consider contributing instead of only consuming. Collaboration is the fastest route to improvement. 


    The next Cura Beta will be in ~ 2 weeks so hopefully we'll see you there! 👍


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  10. Hi, this looks like there was a difference in cooling. So was it printed on the same printer, or two different Ultimaker S5s? Was it the same spool or the same material but different spool? 

    You could check if all fans work correctly, but if it only appeared on this one spot I suppose so. Otherwise you would have seen more differences. Perhaps the material itself had an inconsistency in thickness or ingredients. 

  11. Hi, the Ultimaker S3 is obviously taking over some space that the Ultimaker 3 previously held, but in a more updated and advanced state. This also has its affect on the availability and longevity of the Ultimaker 3. Exact details about how this affects existing customers, service and spare parts will follow in the upcoming weeks. But rest assured, there will be spare parts available for some time even after the sales has stopped. Hope this helps! 

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  12. 10 minutes ago, A_tas said:

    Hello SandervG,


    Thank you for your fast reaction.


    Because, on the USB Flash there are many files - which one  you  need. I exported LOG from the printer to the flash memory.  Are these OK? Only with curren date - from today?






    From today, if you still get ER67, is fine. I think they may not need the airmanager_data for example, but if I were you I would just send them all over. They can just pick the logs they need and ignore the rest, or perhaps have them if they would need them later anyway. Thanks! 

  13. 10 minutes ago, A_tas said:

    Hello all,


    Yesterday we update our UM  S5 with latest Firmware 5.8.1.

    After that we observed the following problems:



    1. There is not connection between the the printer and  Cura. We checked with our IT colleagues - there is connection between the printer and the PC (ping). When we try to refresh the printer in Cura  - this screen appears for about 5 seconds and   disappear.

    S5 cannot print from PC (Cura 4.7.1)

    S5 can work (print) with USB.

    The camera is not working.




    S5 can work (print) with USB. The Camera is not working.


    2. After firmware update , appear ER 67 . We never experienced this issue before. The material station is less one year old. We follow the instructions regarding the ER 67 from the UM site - no result. The error appears again. 




    Please, help me to solve this problem.

    I red that the firmware 5.8.0 has problems and wait for the release new firmware with fixes problems. It seems there are still any. 


    Hi, thank you for your message. I would like to ask you to create a ticket and include the log-files from your Ultimaker S5. Our product experts are ready to help! You can create a new ticket via this link


    Thank you! 




  14. 5 hours ago, Longtoke said:

    One of the things that seems anti 3rd party printers though is your stated need for updated 3rd party profiles for each beta iteration ( or perhaps I have misunderstood your phrasing here ? )


    Well perhaps @nallath can answer this more accurately, but it is my understanding that it is not necessary for every iteration. But with features changing and being added, or sometimes something more deeper in the core functionality of Cura is updated it is always good to test during Beta, especially since we can't (for 3rd party printers). But it is very possible that a profile will continue to function the same post Beta as it did prior. 


    Having said that, I feel like we're pretty kind to 3rd party printers 🙂 

  15. Have you visually inspected the white collets that you stick the bowden tube into? It should have 4 small metal blades that pierce into the bowden tube and hold it in its place. It is possible that perhaps yours are bent, or perhaps not all 4 are present? I would get in touch with a local reseller and see if you can purchase a few of those white collets.

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  16. 9 hours ago, Longtoke said:

    I can understand being upset at the developers for the low regard they have for 3rd party printers and community contributions,

    We have the highest regard and appreciation for the community contributions, and we express this regularly. On the splash screen and almost every blog covering a Cura release. 




    Regarding third party products, we do rely on either the users of a third party printer or the manufacturer to provide us with the machine settings and testing during the Beta period. We don't own or have the capacity to test, create or update all those third party profiles when we're working on a new version. We receive a profile, we check if it technically is correct and we add it. A new version of Cura is out? We don't have third party machines so we rely on the users to test and update. If you want to contribute to make Cura better and find bugs (also for your own benefit), we would like to invite you to contribute in the beta testing.

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  17. Hi, 


    Do you still have a spool in bay A or is it literally an empty bay?

    It is possible that a piece of filament is stuck somewhere in the drive train, have inspected if any filament is left somewhere in the bowden tubes, decoupler or elsewhere in the system?


    Perhaps you can also include a picture of the material station and possibly the backside of the machine / bowden tubes.



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