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  1. As far as I know there are no plans to release an Air Manager for the Ultimaker S3. Whether or not that will change in the future, I can not know today. Obviously, we'll make you will hear from us if anything changes. Hope this helps!

  2. Dag Ronald, bedankt voor je bericht. Ik zal wat instructies met je delen via een DM waarmee je de firmware opnieuw kan installeren. Dit zal moeten helpen! 

  3. Hi @HelpdeskFEHT, bedankt voor je bericht. Ik kan niet duidelijk opmaken vanuit je bericht wanneer je deze melding te zien krijgt, kun je dat toelichten? Ik denk als je al zo lang als 6 uur wacht dat je gerust de printer opnieuw aan en uit kan zetten. Wat gebeurt er dan? Alvast bedankt!

  4. Thank you all for your detailed and supporting responses, it means a lot. Allow me to respond to a few comments:


    On 6/28/2021 at 5:49 PM, Da6oN said:

    I admit that I come less and less to look for information on this forum, I am quite disappointed with my Ultimaker 3 when I see that my U20 comes out of me much better especially when there are false doors (the ventilation of the filament of the UM3 is a real disaster) In the end, I mainly use it for the double extrusion.

    I'm sorry to hear you don't seem to be satisfied with your Ultimaker 3. It is entirely possible that another 3D printer also gives good 3D printing results, but the 3D print itself is on one hand the only thing that matters but on the other hand only one element of your 3D printing experience and in that regard I still think we offer a wide and unique experience via our ecosystem. That is not to say we should settle for something below what is possible. Looking at your post history I don't see if your 3D prints have any room for improvement, but if you would create a new thread and post some pictures and describe what you are unhappy about I'm sure we could have a look. Alternatively, you could also try and reach out to your reseller and see if they can give you any pro-tips🙂


    17 hours ago, lekid said:

    This isn't your faults if non-UM customers are here 😉
    They probably think that because they're using Cura we can help them with their machine ...


    Thanks! It might not be, but I might be able to revive / bring back or emphasizing elements of the community that you liked before and feel like you are missing now. I don't want to get in the way of growth of our community, but we shouldn't take our culture and our community's unique value for granted and sometimes we need to put in some work to protect it. 


    17 hours ago, lekid said:

    I remember there was a spot to show our 3d printing.


    Do you mean this thread? https://community.ultimaker.com/forum/117-what-have-you-made/


    17 hours ago, lekid said:

    Even with better documentation, I think we will have questions like "why my nozzle is clogged" "my filament didn't attach to bed" .... ^^


    I think that might also not be our holy grail. When you take a moment to think about it, do you have any idea what would make this place more attractive? Overall inspiration like via the thread above? 


    16 hours ago, francois1 said:

    I don't entirely agree with your analysis of engineers. I used ultimaker for my job and it remains a duty for an engineer to be passionate and learn new technology. 

    On the other hand, I agree with you on the growth of new professional customers who see 3D printing as a service provided in the same way as the photocopier. Those there will not make the way to understand what is going on and will wait for the same MTBF as their photocopier. If that doesn't work, we call the convenience store.

    I'm sorry, I am not entirely sure in your post who you are referring to when you speak of 'you / your' (but in French ..) When a lot of the alumni joined and participated the state of the technology was entirely different and there was a stronger motivation to gather, because everything required more understanding and more tweaking. In the end, I think most people are often just lazy😉


    16 hours ago, francois1 said:

    it was better before, I too speak like an old man ....

    Can you try to describe or pinpoint what it was that you thought was better before? I'm sure it is not the sheer pressence of certain users, a registration doesn't bother anyone. The repetition of simple questions was mentioned before, is that similar for you? 


    Sorry for the long (English) post 😅

  5. 1 hour ago, Smithy said:

    Very nice and looks more than a porcelan model than a 3D printed one.

    totally agree! I wouldn't say it was 3D printed based on the photos. Well done! A sad reason to have a 3D print made, but I don't think it could have come out any better. 

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  6. Hi Guys, thank you for your responses! Hopefully you don't mind me responding in English because my French is quite poor (hooray google translate!). I am very sorry to hear that the increase of non-Ultimaker machine users is causing frustration for our customers and most valued and knowledgable users. That is obviously not a culture or a result we are after. 


    Can you think of something that would make being part of this community more inspiring and pleasant? For example, contests to trigger your creativity, better documentation to refer repetitive/basic questions too, more inspiring and educational blogs from other users that are food for thought or discussion - related to AM? 


    I will take your feedback at heart and looking forward hearing from you! 

  7. Hi @HWFrickeler, thank you for your message and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear it sounds like you are having some issues with your Ultimaker S5. Did the Ultimaker S5 work properly before the firmware updates?


    What error are you getting when you try to increase the temperature?


    If you instruct your Ultimaker S5 to send the print head home or calibrate the lift switch you get nothing more than a knock? Sometimes when a certain task is ended and the bed it already at the bottom position it repositions very slightly which may sound like a soft knock, but it is fine. 


    I don't think we have any instructions to share to run some self tests on the electronics, but perhaps our product experts or local partners might be able to help. You can reach them by submitting a ticket via this link, hope this helps! Good luck!



  8. Hello @ckelly, thank you for your post and welcome to the community! It is possible to continue with a different color, but it might not be as straight-forward as you might think. (although I also wouldn't call it complicated). 


    The Material Station will always try to finish a print with a new spool of the same material and the same color, it will not just switch to a different color because you have sliced a model to be printed in (in your case) ABS Orange, and you might not be pleased to find out tomorrow that the upper half of your print is blue. Sometimes it might be fine, but most often it probably isn't. 


    What you can do, if you have a spool of a different color ABS, is to either remove the NFC chip it has one (remove the cardboard insert from the side) and select in the interface that it is ABS Orange, or you could remove the NFC and insert the NFC from your ABS Orange and put that one instead, and the material station will read it as ABS Orange. 


    Hope this helps, have a great day! 

  9. 18 minutes ago, LePaul said:

    still got the beard??

    Of course! 😄 🧔🏻 It has never been easier when all barbershops are closed for half a year 😉 

    20 minutes ago, LePaul said:

    and sometimes they ask us for more!

    That is totally understandable, and feel free to always post those questions here on the forum. I can check with our material engineers if we have data on or a decent indication on what you are looking for. 


    18 minutes ago, LePaul said:

    ps the Thermal Properties section for CPE is blank under Thermal Shrikage

    Yes, that is why I said in my previous response (perhaps you missed it): 'That's why I asked some of our material engineers and they said for the material itself you can expect a shrinkage of 0.2 - 0.4%.' This does not mean the only shrinkange or dimensional inaccuracy you will encounter is 0.2 - 0.4%, this is purely the shrinkage of the material you should account for. 


    Hope this helps! 

  10. Hi, have you tried different sliced models, to rule out an error in the g-code? Preferably one that has worked before? Is the feeder still (trying to) feed filament to the print core or has it also stopped moving? If it is still moving, is it grinding or do you detect any other reason why the filament isn't being extruded? Could it be that there is an error in the 3D model?


    Perhaps you can include some images of what your first layer looks like when it stops extruding, sometimes there are some clues as to why it stopped in there. 

  11. Say no more, I also haven't been in the office for over a year! But I might again next week for the first time, exciting! How did you do with the finished prints, others were in the office? I know some companies also allowed their staff to bring Ultimaker's home, or sometimes even bought additional for this reason. Good luck with updating, let us know how it goes!

  12. Hi Martijn, thank you for your message and welcome to the community! Is it possible that a piece of filament is stuck somewhere in the bowden tubes connected to Bay A? Please visit this article for help how to check and possibly resolve. 


    I don't think you should manually try to feed material when your machine is powered off, always use the options in the menu to load or unload material. It automatically unloads material after a print is finished so it can pick the correct material for your new print job when you send one. Hope this helps!

  13. Hi, I don't think it is relevant that your printer is part of a group. But your comment did make me think that you are not on the latest firmware yet; in May we introduced firmware 6.4 which allowed users to use a new feature in the Digital Factory called; Digital Library. This would eliminate the need of groups and should be an improvement to your workflow. Perhaps consider updating your firmware while you are at it too. You can read more about it here.


    Good luck! 

  14. Hi @LePaul, hope you are well! If you would visit the CPE TDS you see that CPE is said to have good dimensional stability, but the thermal shrinkage metric is empty. So that still doesn't tell us much. That's why I asked some of our material engineers and they said for the material itself you can expect a shrinkage of 0.2 - 0.4%. You probably also know that the exact shape or size of the model is also relevant, and the speed at which you decide to print something. But hopefully these percentages will tell you that the shrinkage of the material itself is not so grand. Let me know if you have any further questions! 

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  15. Hello,


    We are keeping the virtual showroom open for a little bit longer! Not for our enjoyment, but yours! So ideally we would want you and your colleagues to visit it occasionally. Which raises the questions; What type of content or what unique event would make you visit it again? 


    If you haven't visited our virtual showroom yet and this post made you curious? You can via this link.


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  16. If a (defect) collet damages the bowden tube it would indeed be recommended to make sure the teeth of the new collet have a decent part of the bowden tube to grip into. Because cutting a bowden tube does create room for some other issues when done incorrectly, and since a new bowden tube is on its way to @broseph anyway, I would recommend to install the new tube when he gets it. 

  17. I must admit, that is a pretty good picture of a collet! 🙂  But it's still quite difficult to say if it is good or not.. at least it seems like it has 4 blades. 


    Do you have the flow sensor disabled? With the flow sensor enabled, I would suspect that you would get a notification on your machine before it started to grind. 


    Did you also use the instructions here on how to clean and put the feeder back together?

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