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  1. I tried 5.3.1 and the same thing happens. The print resumes at the incorrect height.
  2. Thats what I feared. Although my s5 prints great it will be my last ultimaker printer for reasons such as this.
  3. My s5 got a flooded head. I was able to save the head using a heat gun... but I had to cut the wires going from the PCB on the print core to the olson block. Can I buy just the replacement heating element and thermocouple anywhere? I'd hate to throw away a $120 print core that is perfectly fine.
  4. 1. Is the wifi any more reliable? My s5 wifi features are sketchy, and thats being nice. 2. Does the webcam actually work. Cause we all know the s5 webcam is a joke.
  5. Are you all still having issues with this? I just got an S5 and have got this error two prints in a row. I print large objects and this prevents me from being able to change the material. I am very underwhelmed by my s5 so far. This WIFI feature doesn't work for more than 20 seconds and this frequent error is killing any excitement I had about this machine. Anyone able to diagnose this ER998 issue?
  6. I just bought an S5 and the wifi is extremely unreliable to the point that its pretty much so useless. Hopefully these issues get fixed. The printer rarely connects for more than 20 seconds at a time. Looks like I am back to using external drives.
  7. Im located in Bellingham, WA. Are you in the Portland area? I assume nobody has purchased this yet?
  8. Hello Community, I'm wondering if anyone else has found the Cura "recommended settings" for the 0.8mm nozzle to be 100% garbage for the Ultimaker 2+ for PLA. The speeds seem way to fast when printing the walls (see images). But seem spot on for the base layer fill. I'm getting cornrows on the walls (again look at the walls on the images). Has anyone done some trial and error and can give me the settings for PLA with a 0.8mm nozzle that seem to work? I'm about to spend hours tinkering with speeds, wall thickness, temps, etc. Before I do so I'm hoping I can build off someone else's work!
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