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Cura 2.3 - Not using full print area

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I added a "custom FDM printer" set it's print area to 120mm^3, but, it won't let me print anything larger than ~101mm in the x or y direction. Cura is for some reason blocking out the edges, you can see the dark gray area in the picture below. The print head can reach all of the 120mm^2 area, there's no reason Cura should be blocking me, and I can't find the setting that let's me remove it.



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It is not an error, it is a feature ;-)

You probably have a brim or raft selected. This prints around the object, so if you would place the object at the edge of the buildplate, it would print the brim/raft partially outside the buildplate.

To get the fullest buildvolume, you need:

- adhesion type = brim

- brim line count = 0

- travel avoid distance = 0

- horizontal expansion = 0

- support horizontal expansion = 0 (if support is enabled)

- draft shield disabled

- ooze shield disabled

- infill wipe distance = 0

Note that in most cases brim with brim line count=0 will get you most of the way there

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Yup, that was it.  It looks like it is a feature, but it's not at all apparent unless you already know what settings affect this margin.  The specific fix for me to get the entire build plate area is dependent on which build plate adhesion is selected.



  • Set brim width to zero




  • Set skirt line count to zero

  • Set skirt distance to zero




  • Set raft extra margin to zero



  1. These settings may need to be made visible in order to change them.
  2. If you are using skirt or brim, zeroing their respective values means no skirt or brim will be printed.


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Is there a single extrusion profile/method for um3 already? I have not seen it?


In Cura 2.4 (currently in Beta), I just sliced an object of 210mm. 215 should be possible also, but I have not tried it myself. I did not use a special profile for this, Cura recognises that only one extruder is used.

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I assume Cura won't recognize that only one extruder is used if you tell cura you want pva support with the second extruder even if no support is needed. @mmichalka - did you try disabling PVA support yet?  What happened?  Did you make sure brim was turned off?


The front end doesn't know if you need support, it knows if you want support. So it only checks if you have the "enable support" checked or not.

Note that there are some other things that also influence the size of the disallowed areas. Certain travel moves can also cause the head to go outside the build area.

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You should check this out, I registered on the forum just to point at this. I understand why this feature is there, but there is a serious logic error. Let me explain;

Slicer expects all of the part (bounding box) to be within the build volume, and that is correct, nozzle can travel only within this volume.

But, shrinking the build volume by the amount of raft/brim etc. is wrong. Parts can be slanted, and base of the part might lay more inwards. Let me show with pictures;


My part is using 15mm raft, so Cura decreases my usable XY plane by that amount, this is the most leftward I can position my part in Cura


But my part is slanted and my base is 10mm inwards, so my raft protrudes the bounding box only by 5mm. I have effectively lost 10 mm of usable space because of the margin.

Hope someone can fix this serious error very soon...


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