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  1. 3 hours ago, RudydG said:

    but my feeling is that the weight of the head and the moving axes are the most important factors


    Generally speaking, these factors usually don't help to achieve higher accuracy, if you wish to maintain any form of speed. I think both Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker 3 are good choices for you. In terms of accuracy, I don't think there would be that much difference, there are some differences between features like the flow sensor @RudydG mentions. And moving forward, you can expect more features to be added to the S-line printers than to the Ultimaker 3. 


    Regarding elephant's foot; have you ever tried to add a negative value in 'Initial layer horizontal expansion'? The elephant's foot is created by the force applied on the first layer, because good adhesion on your buildplate is crucial to a successful print. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, Jonas98 said:

    It also would be very helfull if we could see the ammond of used material in the DigitalFactory


    Material.JPG.9931fef97d5c7aeff1fb900de5199abf.JPGfor Example




    Hi, thank you for your suggestions. Can you elaborate on why this would be useful to have it displayed in the digital factory too?

  3. 37 minutes ago, magnetar68 said:

    I assume this is the same. Is that true?


    Hi, yes that is the same. 


    37 minutes ago, magnetar68 said:

    Either way, my S3 has the screw above, not inside the box. Is that correct?

    No that is not correct. It really needs to be inside the box.


    38 minutes ago, magnetar68 said:

    Any ideas?

    I think if you put the screw in the box, that should solve your issues. 

  4. 7 hours ago, guna said:

    I am also facing the same issue but i can able to print with ABS cant with PLA


    Have you ever tried to clean your print cores? Perhaps it is clogged with ABS or some high temp material, which makes way for ABS but the usual operating temps for PLA are not high enough to pass?

  5. Hi @Dimitriman, thank you for your message and getting in touch with the community. 

    You mention that the material station is not compatible with generic materials. I was wondering if you meant the Ultimaker filaments by chance, Due to a very silly bug they are not listed as compatible, but they are. We're working on fixing that. It is not listed correctly on the site. 

    What the material station does really well is making the process less manual, and easier to print remotely, large batches or large prints. Where you otherwise may have to predict/calculate how much filament you have left before a print starts, the material station will just switch automatically to the next spool of the same material and continue your print without manual intervention. 


    It is true that without the material station, the UMS5 will detect if you run out of filament and pause the print for you, but it can not continue before new material is loaded and this may be several hours if it happens over night. If your prints are usually quite small, I would say it is a small risk. 


    Hope this helps! 

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  6. The ER998 is something to look into, it is a difficult ER message in that regard. It is good to have it logged in our support systems and to get our product experts involved too.

    Regarding removing material, in the release notes of this firmware we describe that filament will not be retracted entirely anymore, because a significant amount of people print with the same 1, 2 or 3 materials and it would save some time unloading/loading and it is for the better for the filament, to run it less passed those feeders all the time. 


    The option to manually trigger the unload will be added in the next firmware version, I believe this was a slight oversight. Can you test what happens if you start a new print, and just leave the filament there after a print? I think it should switch it out for the new one, or continue with the filament that is parked. 

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  7. It may seem irrelevant, but it isn't. Does your Ultimaker S5 have a U or a robot on the side? If it has a robot, you can download this file, put it on a USB and you should be able to install it via the interface:

    If it has a U you should download this file and put it on a USB and install via the interface:

  8. 58 minutes ago, fsaraji said:


    Ok, this is great to have the 5.8.1 within next 3 weeks to address all that issues. However, the fact that there no way of unloading the filament makes the machine unusable for the next 3 weeks.

    So, what should we do? I need to use the machine every day, since we have projects waiting for results.


    Is there a way just to un-gray the "unload" button in an intermediate version? it is really essential and much more urgent to wait 2-3 weeks for.




    If it is such a blocking issue for you and you had a good workflow before, you might want to consider to roll back a firmware version until 5.8.1 has been released. That way you can return to the way that worked for you.

  9. Hi, thank you for your message and welcome to the community, I don't think there is such a thing as a shelf life for PVA. It is too sensitive to moist and sunlight. I also don't think anything like a fabrication code is available, sorry.


    Are you having issues with PVA?

  10. Hallo, het kan er wel hetzelfde uit zien, maar dat is nog verreweg van hetzelfde product. Aangezien het van Ali express afkomt vermoed ik dat ze qua controls gewoon iets verkeerd om gesoldeerd hebben, en de kaart lezer zal ook een kwaliteit issue wezen vermoed ik. Je zou wat foto's kunnen proberen te delen om te kijken of iemand misschien wat opvalt.

  11. Hi, thank you for your post. 


    Do you also have a material station?

    You could inspect of the small pcb on the back of the print cores are still intact, and clean? You can try to clean the contact points with a cotton swab and some alcohol.



    Nothing has changed in the firmware for an Ultimaker S5 stand alone that could be related to this, as far as I know. 

    If you set a temperature (like 220ºC) on your print core via the menu on your Ultimaker S5, does it reach it? It should increase by like 5ºC a second or so. 


  12. On 9/3/2020 at 8:59 AM, Jonas98 said:

    -> Print starting

    ->Heat Bed and Extruder starts to heat, Material is loading

    ->2 Minutes later the extruder starts with the filling the build volume with strings 😄

    -> 5 Minutes later the Procedere is finished

    -> the extruder is cooling down (because the bed is slow -> still heating up)

    -> The bed is on temperature

    -> Extruder heats up again

    -> Auto leveling is starting (the extruder cools down while doing this .. why?!)

    -> Auto leveling is finished

    -> Extruder heats up und the print starts.....

    So the extruder heats up, cool down, heats up, cool down, heats up..

    Not a realy big deal.. but yeah I think Ultimkaer could do this a bit more ellegant.




    Hello, it is actually optimized to do certain processes together to save time. The print cores heat up first to prime the filament to make sure the nozzle is ready to print. This is the strings of filament you see being dropped in the build volume. When it has run through it steps, the machine is certain the filament is loaded, so it can cool down. If it would stay hot, you would get oozing. Oozing is molten filament dripping out of the nozzle, resulting in too little pressure, which would require new priming, or you would get an under extruded first layer. It is possible that it heats up again right before the active leveling procedure, so if there would be any filament hanging on the tip, it wouldn't undermine the active leveling. But it quickly stops again, because we don't want oozing and the previous step just tried to ensure there is no solidified material hanging on the tip of the nozzle. 


    Hope this helps understanding the entire process a little bit better. Let me know if you have any further questions or if I missed a step. Thanks! 


  13. Ultimaker’s firmware update 5.8.0 is available now for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, Ultimaker S5, and Ultimaker S3. When you install it, you’ll notice that we have improved how the Ultimaker S5 Material Station handles materials and enhancements to Ultimaker Digital Factory. Let's look at the material handling first. 


    Improved material unloading

    This is mostly noticeable when your 3D print is finished. Where before the material station would retract your filament all the way back into the material station, it now parks it just above the printhead. This will result in less stress and wear placed on filaments by traveling up and down, as well as being a little bit quicker since you won’t have to wait for materials to completely load and unload. This is especially true when you just aborted a print and want a quick restart.

    Most materials will remain parked for two hours. PVA, however, will remain parked for 60 hours, because besides its sensitivity to moisture it is even more sensitive to the stress while moving through feeders and Bowden tubes, which will be significantly reduced with this new procedure. 


    This was a requested feature by various users, so we hope you'll like it. As always, we continue to improve our products, review these times and shared experiences to create better user experiences for our customers! 


    Ultimaker Digital Factory

    Previously an operator would not know why a printer paused during printing, when viewing the Digital factory remotely. Now, should a printer require attention, a warning or error message will be shown in Ultimaker Digital Factory. You will be prompted to go to the printer, resolve the issue – change materials, for example – and continue printing. 


    What else is included in firmware 5.8.0?


    Cloud camera view
    The camera view is now also available in the Digital Factory, allowing you to monitor print progress wherever, whenever.


    Ultimaker is committed to continuously improving our products and your productivity. Are you curious about the other improvements and bugfixes that are included? Check out the release notes for Ultimaker firmware 5.8.0.


    Ready to update your firmware to 5.8.0? Download it here

  14. Hi, thank you for your suggestion John! I am not sure if some of the threads, if divided would see enough activity for people to keep monitoring them and they would die out which is not beneficial for the community and its users. Carla's suggestion is close, well actually, spot on to what we're enabling. When you start a new topic you have the option to select a 'Tag' which allows other users to filter on. If everyone would do that you could simply select the tag 'UMO' and only see all those posts. 


    I'll see if I can add an extra reminder because, as this thread proves, too many people don't do this. 

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  15. 49 minutes ago, prof_west said:

    First reference I could find quickly, on these very forums:



    "Which 3rd party printers are supported by Cura?

    A complete list of supported 3rd party printers can be found here."


    Thank you! That is an old one. I see the page it links to uses a more clever way of putting into words what we mean by saying 'Which third party printer brands are available in Ultimaker Cura?'. I will edit my post and replace the old sentence by that one. I'll take a look at the other Q&As as well..


    Supporting those third party printers is just not possible for us to do because we don't have those printers. So we can't test anything. The best and most reliable thing we can do is keep the door open and allow for community (or manufacturer) contributions. We aim for everyone who uses our products to have a good and pleasant experience. 

  16. Hi @aag, I don't think this is a sign that the printhead is worn out. Do you have it with the same material often? Which materials are you printing with mostly? You could also turn off the flow sensor if you feel like it is more cumbersome than helpful (but I can imagine that might not be your desired way forward?) 

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