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  1. I would cut this object in half (horizontal), and then glue it together. With that soulution you wouldn't need any support.
  2. The feeder was my latest print, too. :geek: The only tricky parts are the spacers. Installed the new feeder today, and it is printing great. Thank you Robert for the nice design. :!:
  3. Way too high or way too low resolution of the mesh. I saw this one yesterday: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:354826/#files :shock: 40mb stl for a pawn. :eek: Or the oposite, revolved objects with a too low resolution.
  4. Thank you Daid. I have installed the new version RC6 (win 7). Version says now: 14.06.1 (June 5th) and the bed is moving up and down with the test mentioned by stevegt. Will do some test prints ... but since the calibration was ok yesterday, my observations regarding the leveling won't tell that much now. :(
  5. Da es gestern wohl doch noch die alte Firmware war, dann muss es was anderes gewesen sein, was ausnahmsweise zu einem guten Leveling bei mir geführt hat. Eine Sache hatte ich beim Kalibrieren gestern mal anders gemacht als sonst. Beim zweiten Durchgang der Kalibrierung (wenn das Blatt Papier verwendet wird), dann ist es an der hinteren Position noch möglich das Bett mit dem Drehknopf zu heben und zu senken. Bisher habe ich beim zweiten Durchgang immer die 1mm mit der Rändelschraube nachgestellt. Gestern habe ich an der Stelle das Bett mit dem Drehknopf (ganz behutsam) gehoben und nur das let
  6. Hmm... it moves only 3mm up. So it seems that I'll still have the old firmware. :( Maybe it was luck, that the calibration was always correct yesterday. I have printed six parts of roberts feeder without releveling or finetunig with the bolts. That was not possible before for me. Maybe I have hit a sweet spot on calibration. Sorry for the confusion with my test and for making hope with the leveling fix. :(
  7. Oh, that is strange. Hmmm... My firmware is 14.04 from April 24th, too. (Installed with the RC5 WIn7 exe) I have printed some parts of roberts feeder. No releveling was necessary. Before that update I have had a lot of leveling problems. Maybe the version tag is wrong? Or there must be something different that has been fixed with this update. I'm a little bit uncertain now.
  8. Daid hat eine Curaversion mit neuer Firmware hochgeladen: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5935-z-axis-homing-inconsistent-on-um2-workaround-and-patch/page-2&do=findComment&comment=54831 Nach zwei Testdrucken scheint sich das Levelingproblem für mich damit gelöst zu haben. EDIT: Es gab wohl Probleme mit der Version der Firmware. Es ist wohl doch nicht die neue mit dem Fix. Alles sehr merkwürdig. Da ich gestern seit langer Zeit, mal ohne ständig nachzujustieren, sechs Drucke nacheinander ein gut geleveltes Bett hatte... Bin gerade etwas verunsichert ob der Situation.
  9. Sorry for the doubble posting. I started a 2nd print without releveling, and it is looking good so far. I think that this patch has fixed my leveling problem. \o/ Thank you again, stevegt and Daid!
  10. The problem is, that it is not only a little bit. It's a lot of leaking. I have looked into the gcode. There are some G10, G11 with G4 pxxx in the code. The strange thing is, that on the very last head lift, before homeing, there is no leaking. - PLA Ultimate blue - 210° - 40mm/s - 0,08mm layer height - Cura 14.06-RC5 How can I optimize my settings that there will be less leaking on head lift?
  11. Thank you Daid (and stevegt), I have installed cura RC5 on win7 and the new firmware on my UM2. Leveled the bed and the first print looks promising. Will test some more prints later.
  12. gr5, there is sometimes a problem with grinding on the UM2, too. Especially with prints with a lot of retractions (e.g. a lot of Meshmixer support, where there is a retraction on every column).
  13. Es klingt sehr danach, als ob folgender Patch das Problem für einige hier beheben könnte: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5935-z-axis-homing-inconsistent-on-um2-workaround-and-patch/ Wäre jemand so nett eine win64 Version mit dem Patch zu erstellen und diese zum DL anbieten? Das klingt zumindest stark nach meiner Beschreibung, die ich hier in diesem Thread gepostet hatte: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5493-drucker-vor-jedem-neuen-druck-am-n%C3%A4chsten-tag-neu-kalibrieren/page-2&do=findComment&comment=51603
  14. You don't have to remove all the screws of the feeder. I have bent an Allen key to tighten the screw. For that, you have to remove the filament first.
  15. Nice update. Ultimaker may contact Autodesk to add the UM1 & UM2 to the list of desktop printer. I think it would be a good promotion to have the Ultimaker logo there, too. What are the correct settings for an UM2 there? I'm not sure what "Thickness Threshold" stand for. And what would be the settings for the working space (to be sure to not collide with the clips)?
  16. OMG: http://traverseda.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/makerbot-blatently-steals-and-patents-a-community-design/ Will this affect some of the design in this thread? Especial the design by Robert? Is it correct, that the patent is targeting all feeder designed with a spring?
  17. IMHO that is not rust. I think it's something like copper grease. Quote in some other thread by illuminarti: The paste you see is copper grease. It is to prevent oxidization at the junction of the two metals, when heated.
  18. Yes, it can be stained with classic wood stain. I have used some wood stain for my wooden mask: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/467-post-your-latest-print/page-82&do=findComment&comment=48406
  19. Fits to the topic: A 3D-Printer that will use pellets instead of filament. They will start a kickstarter campaign in the next days/weeks: http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/05/23/sculptifys-flex-flees-filament-favour-pellets
  20. yellowshark: Could it be, that this is the same problem as in following thread? http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5581-printingtool-paths-slicer-issue/ There I have tried to convince Daid, that the additional material seems to be a problem. Try to switch off combing. With combing on, there is no retraction on this pathes.
  21. At the moment ColorFabb offers 10% discount. https://twitter.com/ColorFabb/status/466835012823040000 The event is from May, 15th-17th 2014.
  22. Ich habe auch ein Problem mit dem Leveling. Allerdings nicht ganz so wie hier beschrieben. Mehrfach Kalibriert, genau so wie mnis es erklärt. Jedesmal habe ich das Gefühl es perfekt Ausgerichtet zu haben. Ich muss nicht mal den Drucker ausschalten. Nach dem Kalibrieren starte ich einen Druck und mal ist die Spitze so nah, dass kein Material austreten kann und anderes mal so, dass sie viel zu hoch ist (bis zu ca. 1mm). SIe weicht also nicht nur bisschen von der Einstellung ab, sondern richtig extrem. Und halt nicht reproduzierbar, mal zu nah und mal zu weit. Ich drucke jetzt schon immer mit
  23. Has the 3d-printer (better the raspberry) to be reachable from the internet for this? That would remind me on this nice project (by someone at the "Berlin University of the Arts"): He searched for open printer and for open scanner around the globe (no hacks) and started to print and scan on them. The scans are sent back to him and on the prints he explained the action with a link to his page. 'To Whom It May Concern,' http://towhomitmayconcern.net/ http://www.towhomitmayconcern.net/pages/about/ I wouldn't like to see my 3d-printer to be started / stopped by some stranger on the internet.
  24. IMHO, it will make a difference. - It is some added material that is not intended, and there is always some oozing. -- It will take some layers to even out the additional lines/material. Sometimes you can see these lines on the finished surface from the layer below. -- It seems that the combing algo isn't aware of a finished surface (EDIT: on the same layer). A finished surface could be marked as outside the print area. - If I have a lot of plates on different hight, than it would be anoying to activate / deactivate the "Retract while combing" (with the plugin) for every plate.
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