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  1. Just a thought for anyone else upgrading their UM2Go. I upgraded with the official kit from Ultimaker that takes a U2 to a U2+. The feeder is meant to go on the left side if the back (when looking from the front), but on the UM2Go its on the right. This means the the little lever one pulls up to allow filament to pass is irritatingly on the inside edge and not the outer edge. It might explain why the wires did not need reversing? If I were doing this again, I would buy the components separately and choose the feeder for the U3 the is meant to go on the right side of the rear. MM
  2. If I buy the heated bed from GR5 Store (is that you??) would I then change to load the HBK version? Thanks
  3. OK thanks Found the Tinkergnome 19.03.1 at https://github.com/TinkerGnome/Ultimaker2Marlin/releases/tag/V19.03.1 I see that there are 4 files for UM2Go. Obviously I do not have a dual version (who knew that one could?). What does HBK mean? I am assuming that I load the plain/non-HBK version Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2go-19.03.1.hex I have Windows 10 laptop. Any thoughts/advice about custom printer profile in Cura?? Thanks MM
  4. I am not familiar with how GitHub works and cannot seem to find the place with the firmware for the UM2Go+ with and without a heated bed. Can you point me in the right direction? I have followed a link to find the site with files to create a profile for upgraded UM2Go. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-2go-cura-machine However the folders referred to for Cura 2 do not seem to relate to Cura 4.6 I do not have a definitions folder, Variants folder, or images folder. It's not clear to me how I make the UM2Go+ custom profile. Can you/Labern help a simple surgeon?
  5. If I update the firmware to the tinkerGnome firmware for UM2, will the firmware expect the Bowden tube to be the length of the tube on an U2? For now, I can simply use the shorter Bowden tube that came with the U2Go. Good to know that its not the same at both ends Thanks Boyd
  6. Duh! The Bowden tube that comes with the Ultimaker upgrade kit is intended for an Ultimaker 2 and not an Ultimaker2Go. So its almost twice as long! So I need to put the original tube in place and accept that the wires will be too long and not neat I will try and buy a heated bed from https://thegr5store.com/store/index.php/ as apparently his one does not smell! Getting there. Thanks MM
  7. If you have three U2Go+ do all have heated beds? If they do, which one have you fitted? Do you have a printer profile for Cura of the modified U2Go+? Finally, I have successfully printed a calibration cube. One thing I found that when loading the filament, the fast travel got the end only about 1/2 way along the Bowden tube. If I load tinkerMarlin, can I make it go to the print head as it should? Many Thanks MM
  8. Bloody hell!. I reversed just one pair of the wires. Now the motor works but in the wrong direction. When I set it to unload it pulls filament up. When it tries to feed the new filament, it pushes it out. So finally wired the JST back to how it was originally and the motor seems to work correctly. It spits out filament when unloading and pulls it in when loading. So how come I was advised to reverse the motor. Is there something else I do not know? TM
  9. Good link. It says.......................................... To get the motor moving in the right direction, is actually does matter which coil is which and what the polarity of the coils are. However, if they're wrong, the motor just turns the wrong way, it's easy to fix that by swapping wires. Pick one of the following in order to reverse the stepper's direction: Switching the polarity of either (one) coil, like changing ABCD to BACD or ABCD to ABDC. Swapping the coils, like changing ABCD to CDAB. So back to re-do the wiring. Probably best to invest in a
  10. Help! I installed the new feeder motor. I cut off the original JST connector and swapped the outer wires. I do not have a crimper for JST so used surgical clip to squeeze the crimp So the wires were originally Black, Green, Red Blue - shown in photo with connector off the board. Now they are Blue Green Red Black as shown with connector on the board When I test with the change material command, the motor does not spin. If I connect the original motor JST it does spin with the remove material step Can I double check that I have reversed the wires co
  11. Now back so continuing the upgrade. I bought a 22mm hole cutter to make the bigger hole for the stepper motor. Printed a drill guide to go into the metal backing plate to centre the pilot hole for the hole cutter. I drilled 4 x 3.5mm holes for the retaining screws that go into the motor and used them to hold the metal backing plate. Hopeless! The hole cutter would not stay located even with the pilot hole. So I used the backing plate as a guide and used a Dremel to cut away to make the 22mm hole. After some fine tuning, new stepper and new feeder now installed on the
  12. There are 4 wires (2 pairs) to the stepper motor. Which ones do I swap? The stepper motor is not bigger, it is the feeder itself. The feeder is the same as the one on my U2+ and U3 and much beefier than the one that came with the U2Go. I think I will move the feeder by drilling new holes in the back plate. No one will see once it's in place. Thanks MM
  13. I recently bought an Ultimaker 2 Go. It works fine. However it did not come with the original foam packaging. Does anyone know where I might get a set of packaging?? I am in London if that helps MM
  14. Thanks 1) Can I ask about the wires for the feeder stepper motor. The upgrade kit comes with a new stepper motor for the feeder. Since this is designed for the new feeder, do the wires need reversing? If they do, which wires do I reverse out of the 4? I have a 4 pin JST male and female so can create a new plug 2) The new feeder is wider than the original. As a result the mounting plate and the feeder abuts the side panel which stops them lying flat against the back surface. What is the best way around this? I cannot put a spacer under the mounting plate as t
  15. Why does the upgrade kit come with new rods as they seem the same diameter as the existing ones MM
  16. I am not sure that I understand. FOr the UM2+ all I did was select UM2+ and Cura does the rest I think that the issue is that the U2Go is set to only use PLA so users are not expected to change to anything else. I do not know how to change the GCode Flavor MM
  17. Thanks I suspect this is a dumb question but what would happen if you created the Gcode with the U2 profile in Cura and then used the gcode on the U2Go? I have a friend with a laser cutter. Any chance you can share the dxf for the front door?
  18. I have an U3 and a U2+ and am used to creating and changing material profiles within Cura I have now bought an Ultimaker2Go. I have launched Cura and chosen U2Go as my printer. When I try to change the material settings they are all grey out and cannot be changed. Help! Surely I do not have to accept the default settings? Thanks MM
  19. I now have the Ultimaker 2 Go and now am starting the mods. On my Ultimaker 2+ and the Ultimaker 3 I have BuildTak Flexible plate system which I love. I have given up with the BuildTak sheet but find it ever so useful to pull the FlexPlate out the printer to then remove the print rather than doing this with the confines of the printer. With the new baby printer, it would be even more of a help Any reason not to use the Flexible Plate with the U2Go???? BuildTak do not make a plate small enough and are quite costly, so I will try Zimple instead Next I am looking
  20. I am pretty sure that the feeder on a U3 is the same as the U2+. I would comment that I have never had a feed problem with the U3 so I wonder why you upgraded. MM
  21. Brilliant It is reassuring to know that you can support me. Although I own both a U2+ and an U3, I have never delved into the firmware, plus both came ready built I am collecting my eBay purchase (£430) later today so may be in touch for more support in some days time. If you are interested/curious, I originally got the printer for work but have now moved onto mainly printing boaty parts (which I published in Practical Boat Owner and can share if anyone is interestedPBO.pdf) MM
  22. Thanks for fast reply. So may I clarify (sorry to labour the point)??? If I install the Extrusion Kit upgrade but not your custom feeder, do I still have to change the E steps to 369? But then I cannot use the material change in the menu? So how do you change the material? Just reverse? If I install the Extrusion Kit without your custom feeder am I right that I still have to reverse the stepper motor wires too? Sorry to appear dim Thanks
  23. Dear Labern I own an ultimaker 2+ but have just bought a 2nd hand Ultimaker 2 Go. I am curious about your feeder cover. Is this simply to facilitate getting the U2Go into the carry case after upgrade? You also mention changing the default firmware. Is this only required with your custom feeder or with the Extrusion Upgrade kit in general? You mention changing the E steps to 369 if I use the 2+ feeder. How do I change the E steps I guess what I am really asking is, what steps I have to do if I only use the Extrusion Upgrade Kit without your custom hous
  24. Am I alone? I have a Windows Surface 4 with maxinal RAM etc. Windows 10 64 bit Previous versions of Cura have always loaded without a problem I have difficulty loading 3.6. I have removed all the old versions and their preference files. The only way I can get it to load is after a clean boot and then "load as administrator". I have tried beta of 4.0 and that is no better. I cannot identify any software that is causing a conflict. When the load does not complete, I can see Cura process in the task manager Has anyone else had a problem with 3.6 or 4.0???
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