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  1. Whichever head is mounted when you start the print is the one that's used - original head or 2nd head if mounted using the mark2 change extruder command in the menu.
  2. Just mount the 2nd head before starting the print - I use default UM2 printer setting (not mark2) for slicing etc. It doesn't need any code changes - just remember print area restrictions for using 2nd head when slicing on standard UM2 setting. 👍🏻
  3. Try my Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3rfmjxsymrgvgf4/Cura-2.5.0-win64.exe?dl=0
  4. I don't know if this is the cause, but have a look at this thread, it helped me out 😀
  5. When doing the Z distance in the Mark 2 area in the maintenance menu for head 1 & 2, you do not need to use paper - just do what it says and get the bed to just touch the printer nozzle!! Just ensure your nozzles are clean and do not have remnants of material hanging off them which will affect the distances.
  6. Presume your talking about the 'normal' UM setup here to ensure bed is level etc?? Have you then gone into the 'dual head' area under maintenance and set the Z values in there? (can't confirm the name at the moment as printer running, but it's section for Mark2 upgrade!). Go to the bottom of the available options there until you see Z adjustment, and adjust head 1 until the nozzle just touches the glass bed (you can sometimes hear a change of tone from the stepper motor when it touches) then save. Go back up to change extruder head, and select head 2 - back down to Z adjustment and do the same as above - you should then be good to go. Just change extruder head back to 1 before leaving the dual head options unless you want to do a print using the second head - cura output when using standard single head will work with head 2 fine, as long as head 2 is mounted first before starting the print 👍
  7. I did suffer from a similar problem from time to time on my set up, so increased the length to 80cm and it has not occurred since.
  8. Using the above fix by @yyh1002 I found you can leave the other information in place. ?
  9. Have had a look in the files from the Mark2 and think I have found the error and now working fine for me ? hardware_type = nozzle was missing under the 'metadata' section in the config file for each nozzle size.
  10. Changed this on all 4 sizes and now no error message and nozzle size now shows when using Mk2 - Many thanks indeed ?
  11. Configuration error being shown when Mark2 chosen with 'nozzle' showing empty even though 0.4mm shows as highlighted on size selection drop down - No problems at all on Cura 3.31. Any ideas??
  12. It fits at the bottom of the 2 shells which make up the extruder casing, to guide the filament into the gearing etc. Picture shows a Bondtech extruder, but you'll get the idea ?
  13. I just took a note of the values I had been using, so as to make it easier by entering them for the various parts, but I did go through the whole set up sequence again - never had that problem occur again, and it all works like a dream ?
  14. You don't state which machine your using, but had similar problems with my UM2 whilst trying to add PVA - looks like Ultimaker do not allow any 'materials' they think your machine can not run ? Have a look at this thread - I found a way around this problem ? https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/22932-cura-331-unable-to-add-custom-materials/?tab=comments#comment-209581
  15. Seem to remember I had something similar when I first started with the MK2 - a reset of the UM2 solved it for me after installation of the new firmware.
  16. You can get around this problem by calling it after your 'Brand' name and enter the details as normal - i.e. I called PVA 'OB-PVA' and it displays OK
  17. I use a UM2+ modified to a Mark2 which I have been using quite successfully with Cura 3.2.1 with custom modified filament profiles including PVA. When using Cura 3.3.1, everything works well apart from my PVA custom filament does not show up in the filament choices - I have tried to import the PVA profile which Cura 3.3.1 states it has loaded successfully, but it is still not available to choose. I assume that a PVA profile is being blocked for use with my UM2+/Mark2, and wonder if anyone knows a work around to get this to work. VMT for any assistance.
  18. If I understand you right; you can do a print using the extra head, by mounting the second head prior to running the generated gcode file using the standard UM2 (single head) settings under marlin.
  19. I used to use S3D 100% when I first got my UM2, but find these days that as Cura has matured I'm using S3D only on the very odd occasion now - Cura just seems to 'work' so much easier these days, especially when using the Mark 2 mod.
  20. Just install the files as described and you'll be up and running - 3.2 version running well here
  21. I had the same problem for some reason with the newer versions of Cura - I now keep ver. 2.5 just for firmware updates! Might be worth a try?
  22. Here you go Ultimaker 2 Extended+.gcode Just rename file extension to .fff
  23. Another handy thing I have found is that if you mount the second head before starting the print, the second head is used without any modifications to the gcode file Make sure your start code allows enough space for the second head during filament purge etc - Can't remember if I had to adjust it!!!
  24. Running latest Cura with v.17.09 firmware here with no problems at all. Get it built, and enjoy the dual extrusion
  25. I just ordered 2 over the weekend direct from bondtech and they shipped Monday and arrived today (Wednesday) - very quick delivery and impressed by the build quality As cjs recommended, just get them direct.
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