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  1. I had my Computer Aided Design students do the Starter Round yesterday. I think the framework is great. Ambiguous enough to get them thinking outside the box, but constrained enough to develop some focus on the idea. The class had a ton of fun doing it, looking forward to getting my hands on the full game. Here are some pictures and videos of my students working with it. This was just our first run through, I am looking forward to seeing the full game.
  2. I have a 2 Go and at the time went with a Titan extruder, Olsson Block, and a Print in Z build plate. I strongly recommend going with SOME kind of upgraded extruder. The stock one is just not reliable in my experience, the Medusa one on the GR5 store looks great and is nice and low cost. 2 to 1 ratio is nice. The Titan gives you 3 to 1, but its not like you would REALLY need that. I have no Bondtech experience to speak of but I do know they offer lots of filament control and as someone earlier mentioned zero issues with their prints. I will say that the Titan has had no problems once I got i
  3. Would there be more involvement if it were a Slack Group?
  4. Are there issues you're having? The only extruder I have upgraded on our Ultimakers is on the 2Go and that uses the old extruder design so it was a must. Our 2+ and 3 have no problems in our usage.
  5. Very cool way to make manipulative objects for student learning.
  6. Hello, I would suggest looking at the Ultimaker Pioneer site, I am one of the Pioneers this year and we publish content that may be of some help to you. What kinds of things are you trying to get students engaged with? This idea is great, but it is quite expansive. Do you have any specific targets in mind, do you have a software you want them to use?
  7. Yup... I doubt the setup can do anything other than what was shown in the video. Sure some people might find use of it but more likely it would be purchased, get used once or twice, and sit on a shelf. There are far more capable thermoformers out there for reasonable pricing or DIY setups.
  8. I'll try to keep as much of the build size as possible, for now it looks like I might loose a bit in X and gain a bit in Z. My main intent is to be able to get the CORE quality in terms of usable temperature range to the UM2, but the easy swapping is ofc also nice. Be aware it comes with a cost, pricewise nothing beats changing a nozzle on an olsonblock. Any thoughts on implementing a flex drive with it?
  9. The core problem was mechanical. And there was no easy fix we concluded after a lot of research. So releasing that has no real use other then wasting time. Electrically it was based on the AS5048B chip. So if you get out your soldering iron, you could still build this. Cables are still in place. Was the design integrated in anything or was it intended to be be a standalone component in the system?
  10. Is it possible to release the work that was done so that the community may pick it up?
  11. Awesome work! How much larger is this compared to the factory 2+ head? I assume the intent is to make an easier to swap nozzle that is better designed?
  12. Here is a resource that may help you dial in issues. https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/#blobs-and-zits Your temp might be a little low and you are trying to compensate in other areas that may effect print quality even more negatively... I would start with doing a smaller test print and start dialing in your printer settings. Have you done any small print testing like https://www.youmagine.com/designs/hollower-calibration-pyramid to try different settings?
  13. I have not done machining on the UM Nylon printed parts, but why not use heat set inserts or embed fasteners and overprint them?
  14. Poly Carbonate and .8 nozzle would make me a very happy person. I imagine you are looking to release an advanced printer kit, door, etc. before or around the same time as your Poly Carbonate profiles come out?
  15. Ok, so I just typed out a huge response and while using my chromebook, hit post reply, and lost everything.... BAH Ok so back to it again, I think that terminology is most certainly an issue. For new comers who don't know the terminology they may use the search function inappropriately. For example someone may say "Thing in back of the machine" which will net them very few useful responses when they should look for "feeder" I think many people would benefit from some kind of startup academy, but the logistics of that are just insane to get to everyone across the world and to each potentia
  16. Biggest issue is FDA approved materials, PET I believe is approved for food usage. Don't think that food usage is the same as dishwasher safe. Check this out. https://all3dp.com/food-safe-3d-printing-material-filament-plastic/ General information on things to look further into and know before making a food related product.
  17. SLA as a process is REALLY COOL! It has become more popularized due to companies like Formlabs, SprintRay, Carbon, etc. It makes great looking parts, but for the general user it is not a process that many would like to encounter. The post process cleanup is messy, the curing is potentially difficult, especially if you need a strong part, not something that most users would typically benefit from. Those who need this type of a solution, there are lots of great products already on the market as mentioned from companies above. So Carbon is out of normal mortals price range, but it is made for
  18. HAHA! Welcome to the wacky world of education. This is common place for us, as sad as it may be, we typically have to work in envelopes created by others who are not educators themselves. The state policy makers typically are not teachers and have not taught before. The only way though it is having an administration who trusts and supports their educators to do what is in the best interest of students, this is not always the case though.
  19. Hello all. love the idea of a collaboration. For the education world, Ultimaker has the Pioneer program which I am one of 58 involved. We are looking for ways to impact the education world in respect to 3d printing and getting more educators to understand the impact it can have on many areas of education. I think this and the Pioneer program working together could give some good direction for both but it would take some key people coming to the proverbial table to talk about this and flesh out what it looks like in real life. I agree this forum is difficult to find information unless you kn
  20. I wonder if there were videos that showed failure modes of the printer and worst case scenario what it does when things go bad if that would help educate administration of these machines a little.
  21. What is this research being used for out of curiosity? I filled it out, I was just wondering what the intent was. Also if you would like more data collection please message me and I can help you get this survey out more if you would like.
  22. Another vote for PrintedSolid.com Very helpful person to work with.
  23. I am putting an order in for one in the next week or so. Looking forward to getting it for my students.
  24. Matter Hackers sells a Buildtak sheet setup for the UM3 as an add on to the sale or separate sale just for reference. https://www.matterhackers.com/store/printer-kits/Ultimaker-3-d-printer
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