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  1. Wow that really sucks that you just lost hundreds of dollars of material and and 7 days of print time due to ultimaker's sh***y UI. I'm angry just reading this thread. Why they haven't added a simple error clear function or refresh button is beyond me. Power cycling should never be relied on as a feature. It is baffling to me for a machine with a $10k price tag.
  2. Same here although it happened on two occasions for me. I had to replace the sensor board AND the PCB
  3. Similar to this? I was able to fix mine but I have no idea how. It also came back once after that but then went away again...
  4. I only use PVA when the support in needed for an internal component or when printing with Nylon. Mine always cracks when being fed through the Bowden tubes, I will have to try heating it up first. Thanks for the idea! As for removal I find its easiest to remove 99% of it with pliers before it even goes into the water. Usually once you get it started the rest just peels away.
  5. I would love to see this addressed it would be a handy feature for modifying part slightly to fit together
  6. Does this help at all? I was fine for about a week but now I am having the same issue again. airmanager_data.log dmesg.log flow_UltimakerS5.log misp_data.log process_data.log sensor_data.log
  7. I'm glad its working again for you now. My situation was similar, it started working again shortly after I updated it a second time. You would think if it was having some sort of feed error from the material station it would say that instead of just pretending the print is finished haha
  8. @SandervG do you know anyone that could help me with this?
  9. Well none of those things helped it's still not printing
  10. okay, thanks. I am trying reinstalling the firmware first it is actually pretty easy can be done right from the maintenance section. Will let you know if that works and if not I'll try the system reset
  11. Will I have to recalibrate x and y offsets after?
  12. My print jobs are "completing" in a matter of seconds. When I send the job from cura to my ultimaker s5 pro bundle via Wi-Fi it starts to get ready for the print and then moments later it says "finishing". I do not get the print completion screen. I have tried printing different files, with other materials and by using a usb drive to import the file instead of the internet connection. I have also restarted both the printer and Cura to no avail .
  13. I'm wondering how I can do this with the s5 material station. I don't want to keep wasting away my valuable PVA rolls. Do you have a link for how to clean out a print core?
  14. Unfortunate this is somewhat unavoidable with FDM 3d printers. Because they do not truly print in all 3 directions simultaneously but rather stacks layers of extruded filament in a 2d plane, object orientation is everything. So you could try rotating it 90 degrees to lay it flat but then you use a lot more support, although the print should be stronger in that orientation. The easiest fix here is to reduce you layer height as much as possible and then just do a little bit of post processing. You could also try enabling ironing in cura but in my experience this makes very little if any differen
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