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  1. Found out what was wrong. If I select disable extruder for extruder 1, and then try to select another printer, it crashes.
  2. I use the material manager across my 3D Printers. I do much of the same thing for my printers that have the same filament diameter. I would make an average for the materials across machines or the mode (what's most consistent) and just select the material. I usually start with generic or one that has the same brand. Think its easier that way and any tweaks you make to the individual printer settings.
  3. I did a bed leveling print for my Ultimaker original and seeing that the infill doesn't meet the sides and leaves a bit of space usually on one side. My suspicion is that the steps are off on maybe the x or y. Hoping someone can help me diagnose it before I make it worse changing the e-steps for one of the axis.
  4. Got a hold of their sales department. Says there are two versions. Is there much of a difference between them, or one that would be best for this project?
  5. It would be nice if it were easy enough to just get the pcb and maybe find the other parts somewhere else for cheaper, even if printing some of the parts. Is there another place that sells these parts in the USA?
  6. Found the board for the flow sensor. But, doesn't it need the wheel? Ultimaker Filament Flow Sensor PCB Right S5 (igo3d.com)
  7. I had an issue with 4.10 and 4.11, where when I select a different printer, it crashes.
  8. Not sure if there would be a way to implement this, but it would be great for projects that I have (and is it different when the filament runs out?) I think it would help reduce waste and save money, especially if notifications with errors were integrated with the app. But, I have a bunch of filament that have some material leftover, but not enough for some projects. Honestly, I feel like the app, now that there is digital library, has a lot more potential and could be integrated more with the cloud.
  9. Awesome!! I'm excited to hear the article. Just a question? Does the UM3 or S5 printers send a notification and pause the print when it has a filament error, like in the app or digital factory?
  10. Thanks! Where did you quote this from? I would love to hear more on the topic and the possibility of implementing or making one. Maybe making a mod for the Ultimaker 3 feeder to be like the newer one. But, purchasing the feeder seems easier if we can get the updates needed.
  11. Found this: Ultimaker Feeder Left Assembly S3/S5 (igo3d.com) Ultimaker Feeder Right Assembly S5 (igo3d.com) Not in the US, but maybe a possibility for the UM3. I'm still interested in a flow sensor and it seems like enough time has passed that we should know something more.
  12. I tried it with golden silk filament. You can change the filament type to 1.75mm and adjust some of the settings. It worked well for the most part, but there were times that there were underextrusions. The filament may of been bad, but the surface quality came out nice. BTW I tried it on the UM3 without any modification, except in Cura.
  13. Not completely sure about the current firmware updates for the orginals, as a few of mine have custom updates. But, I was wondering if anyone has tinkered or seen the example configurations on the marlin github (Configurations/config/examples/Ultimaker at import-2.0.x · MarlinFirmware/Configurations · GitHub). There use to be a way to just update the whole thing to Marlin 2.0 without doing another configure file. I know that there is the custom firmware builder, but I'm not sure if its been updated to Marlin 2.0 and includes the advanced features available. Looking on the github it says that the changes were five years ago, which doesn't make sense since there was an error that was just updated the beginning of this year. Anyways, just wanted to know if the update has improved the printer, its safety, and if the added features help. This is the link for the example page: Configurations/config/examples/Ultimaker at import-2.0.x · MarlinFirmware/Configurations · GitHub For the custom firmware builder: Marlin Ultimaker Generator (bulles.eu) Tom's upgrade video: Easily upgrade the Marlin firmware on your kit 3D printer! - YouTube
  14. Did you have to unwind the wire? I think mine might not have enough strain. Would you suggest crimping instead of tinning the ends of the wire for better support? and does anyone know where to just purchase the wires? Like this: Ultimaker Capacitive Sensor Cable UM3/S5 (igo3d.com) in the USA
  15. Do you have pictures of the process? The same thing happened to me on the red wire and I found a blob on the print head.
  16. The Thread you were referring to was about using Recap?
  17. It works on cylinders, just with a model like this the lines appear jagged. Would you suggest to turn it off when there isn't as many curves? Sorry, let me get an example.
  18. I ran one with and without. I usually always run it on my Marlin printers (UMO and UMO+) I only get these with very steep lines like in the picture. Other than that, I have no other issues with the plugin. Does it work also on UM3?
  19. I think I'm getting a problem from the plugin with very steep straight lines. Thought it was the belts on my printer, but found out its software related. Instead of going straight to a point, I get these small zigzags on a few sides. kind of like an old screen trying to make a straight line.
  20. I get the error 'nonetype' object has no attribute 'Chop' on mine. Seems to happen when I want to work with gcode. Dosen't work if I try downloading it to the computer or over network.
  21. Recently got an Ultimaker Original+ and got it printing. Noticed that when I was printing a calibration for bed leveling that the lines werent matching or there were spaces. If it draws squares across the build plate, you see spaces between the lines or the lines of the squares dont always match up (ill include pictures when I get home). I also get surface artifacts or bumps on the straight lines on the calibration cube. Is this a cura problem, because I have it with my other Ultimaker original (that one prints cleanly), or is it the XY gantry system? I've tried to square it as much as possible and there is a bit of resistance towards the ends (if anyone knows a better way to square the gantry that would be great).
  22. the machine itself is 19V with the power supply and the amps is 6.32A, so around 120 Watts. When we did tests on the heated bed, we picked up around .9 to 1.2 ohms on the bed with the multimeter and couldn't get it consistent. Right now the bed is the only one connected to the 24V 350W power supply.
  23. Guess I got to start making pizzas on my machine. hahah. Im not worried about the bed as much anymore. I think I might upgrade the machine to a 24V machine.
  24. I got a separate PSU and Its working great. its a 24V 350W. So heats up the bed quite quickly. I tried tuning the PID on the firmware, but don't think its being saved. Does the bUlitmaker Firmware support saving auto PID tuning on the heated bed? If not, does that mean I will have to create my own configuration to do it. Or is there a way to edit this in the file that you get from the firmware builder site?
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