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  1. That is what confused me too. I understand the desire to match the visuals of the original part, but that went overboard in a royal fashion with the choice of color. The use of plastic also means that you will have to adjust. Sometimes you can do things that the original part could not, other times you will need to make parts a bit more beefy due to the original being made out of a stronger material.
  2. If you do not want to share the files, that is understandable. However, we would like to know more about the steps, process and end result. What did you use to scan and how did you do it? Did you need to do anything with the files before printing? How did the printing go and how were the results? As it stands, we have one picture from quite a distance. This community thrives on detail and others' experiences
  3. I cannot seem to find anything about a printed robot on your website other than the information already printed here. Could you be more specific?
  4. That looks pretty good. Beware of using plastics for a curtain/brush though, make sure the material is not static build-up prone.
  5. Great technology, but I feel the designs are fairly traditional. Many exciting options remain
  6. Do they also provide .the stl files for musical skill and talent?
  7. Are you willing to share your drawings? I have been looking to cut a frame myself.
  8. I was thinking about sort of a hybrid solution, where aluminium or steel parts are aligned according to machined or laser cut parts. Think of something along the lines of plates that cover the different sides, with holes to mount the extrusions to. That way the lining up and squaring should be minimized. Do you feel that would help anything? Do keep me posted. I would be interested in that too.
  9. Yes, have used one of those. There used to be a wonderful thread with custom firmware for your Ultimaker and I believe even a firmware generator. They work pretty well, even though sometimes connectors tend to be upside down.
  10. For a while now, I have been thinking about doing a scratch build. I cannot really decide between doing an Ultimaker clone, a Trespa Ultimaker clone or building something out of aluminium trusses and parts. The latter seems to be a bit like the Ultimaker Black. Could you tell us something about the problems you face with this solution, such as squaring things up?
  11. Oh, wow. I totally missed this, but that is a rather big deal. From a business perspective, it is an understandable choice. Doing the footwork yourself eats up massive amounts of time. Leaving that to resellers means freeing up time and other resources for development and support. From the user perspective, however, it is probably not ideal. I hope Ultimaker makes sure not to make the same mistakes Makerbot made. Don't forget it is the community that develops a lot of innovations. The standard printer is pretty good, but if you want to make it truly excellent, you are generally best off implementing a couple of improvements the community developed for certain problems.
  12. That was what I was wondering about, whether you replaced the bearings for something industrial grade too. I am not sure of the actual quality of the Ultimaker bearings, though those seem to do and fare well.
  13. What bearings do you use? Standard Ultimaker or something from another manufacturer too - and is that a budget solution or something of a more industrial quality?
  14. It is not about logging in to view the forums, it is about being nagged to death when you don't. Every time you do a quick check without logging in, the pop-up screen jumps in to spoil the fun. I cannot imagine guests being all too amused by it either. There is little use in asking someone the same question 15 times in as many minutes. Auto-fill also only works if you have visited before on the same computer and with the same browser. On my own computer I just keep everything logged in. On other computers I do want to check the forums, but do not want to leave my mail address for anyone to find that happens to type the first letter. That works well at home. Not so much on other computers, especially those that have been configured to delete cookies after closing (common for shared computers). It does not mitigate being nagged repeatedly and relentlessly either. You can only ask someone to do something so often before it starts working against you and it not being about the question any more. Try browsing the forum with incognito mode turned on. You will quickly see what happens
  15. Thanks, that sort of works. I found a couple of other things that quickly annoy though: - Not being able to login with your user name. A mail address typically is much longer than your alias. - Having to type everything all over again is you mistype your password or user name. This issue and the previous one amplify each other. - Again, the blue nag screen. As soon as I tried to remember my password, I got this blue screen again whether I wanted to sign up. Dismissing it meant I had to start all over again. That screen is seriously hurting the quality of this forum, it is a perfect way of scaring new folks away. It even pops up when scrolling through a page.
  16. Two things are somewhat troublesome: - The blue overlay screen keeps popping up on every page after being idle a minute or so. This is slowly but surely causing irritation. - I cannot seem to find a way of logging in. I need to attempt to start a new topic before I am prompted to log in, but just logging in does not appear to be possible. Though I might be missing something
  17. zumfab

    Flexible PLA

    How hard would Fileflex be to print on a UMO?
  18. That always seemed illogical to me. Burnt out stepper drivers are not a rarity, though maybe the UM2 has other protections in place I do not know abouit.
  19. My suspicion was already aroused, but now I am sure something is going on there they would rather have no one noticing. The stuff is probably as hard to recycle as good old oil plastics, or maybe even worse. They are just too expertly avoiding having to give any answers
  20. That clip about the improvements is amazing. I needed to watch it again, because I couldn't figure out how much of a difference it made with a printer running here
  21. So much yes. Forget multiple extruders in one head, this will do many colors and do it better I am impressed this all seems to work so well so soon, after the whole dual extrusion exercise seemed... painful before. It makes me wonder what more this could do. Instant plotter or laser cutter tool heads?
  22. I sent you a reply this morning, though I am not too sure the messaging system is being as clear about that as it could
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