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  1. No it shouldn't. But to be sure you should make a backup of your configuration folder of 4.0. If there were some major changes since 4.0.0-beta2 then your profiles could potentially crash Cura. Eitherway you should update to Cura 4.0.0; you cannot stay on 4.0.0-beta2 forever; problems in updating from beta2 to stable are probably caused by beta2, not by the stable version.
  2. That sounds like your CuraEngine is another version than the frontend of Cura. Perhaps something went wrong during your install which causes your Cura to use the another CuraEngine than the newly installed one. Another e[explanation would be that the wrong version of CuraEngine is packed into the installer, but that would cause errors for everybody. Whoch operating system are you using?
  3. What's the last couple of lines in the log file? (Help > Configuration folder > Cura.log)
  4. Minor issue in dark mode with the printer icon:
  5. I cannot select the layer view range any more. That means I cannot scroll through the layers using my arrow keys anymore, while viewing a range of layers. The functionality used to work in 3.4.1 Got partially broken in 3.5, and now the functionality is gone: Dragging the layer range still works, though, but it doesn't give the same level of fine control.
  6. @gr5CuraEngine.zip Here's a compiled linux binary of the backend. There's no frontend for it and in order to get it to work you will need to do a super fine calibration. I've put some documentation out there on how to get this to work via the command line, but it's certainly not easy. Unfortunately I don't have the time to make a step-by-step guide on this. I'm not sure whether providing this binary helps, but please share your project in case you get it figured out!
  7. So the goal is to get the gyroid infill to show on the outside because it creates pretty patterns..?
  8. Please snooze your alarm, or shut it down completely. Support Infill Line Direction is still an option in Cura 3.6. Perhaps it was not visible because you didn't enable support.
  9. It is working for me. I first made the mistake of setting the infill pattern on the wrong extruder, though. Perhaps you made the same mistake. I'd like to add that the gyroid infill has some very interesting properties. - The gyroid infill acts like a spring. The force and amount of compression in mm seem to be related quite linearly. - The gyroid pattern splits the infill space into just two regions. Every hollow space is connected to half of the other hollow spaces. This makes it really easy if you want to fill the print in post-processing to give it more weight and to make it solid.
  10. It seems to me that it is trying to fill a large volume from only the most north part. If your filament would have been liquid it could have filled all the cravices. You shouldn't be using Spaghetti infill on solid filaments; it's supposed to be used on liquid filaments. Please use Infill Thickness if you want to print infill only every couple of layers.
  11. I was replying to this user who is still on Cura 2.4
  12. Maybe you should consider updating to a newer Cura, rather than to Simplify3D. Cura 3.5 just came out. Cura 2.4 is rather old. Your problem may have been solved a long time ago
  13. I'm not sure whether Simplify3D will make you more happy, though. The fact that it's paid doesn't mean it's better.
  14. I just opened Cura 3.5.0 for the first time and I have no problems with the Dark UI...
  15. I said it that way just to make clear that I don't want the export of the 3D model only in the 3mf file....
  16. The feature is only enabled for Top/Bottom Pattern concentric and for infill pattern Cross. If you are not using those and you still have random lines in the gcode then you should definitely file a new bug, because that's a major bug. Please upload a curaprofile which shows the problem in a new issue at github.com/ultimaker/cura. We really need your .curaproject.3mf file to reproduce the bug and get rid of it once and for all.
  17. Nah. Only that you're missing out on a new feature because it's buggy. The Connect Polygons feature was added recently, but I found out that it introduced bugs.
  18. For now you can simply disable Connect Infill Polygons and Connect Skin Polygons
  19. Same holds for fixing Connect Polygons https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/pull/843
  20. The process is as follows: First some feature or bugfix is implemented, then the code changes are reviewed, then other programmers test the feature/fix, after that there is a Cura testing team which tests the feature/fix and related functionality. At the very end of the line the whole system combination of Cura and Ultimaker machines are tested. On top of that there are automated test scripts which continuously test for some bugs. If at some point any of the tests above fails the issue is reverted to the original programmer. Don't assume that because you experienced a major bug that everybody is having that bug.
  21. That's because we all have a lot of experience in writing Cura code. I have worked on Cura full time for 3 years, while the Cura team is growing and so it also has some people who are newer to the code base. Also the Cura team might take on tasks which are more challenging or more bug-prone.
  22. Perhaps it is not a bug. It could be trying to fill a large infill region from a small island above that. Spaghetti infill was made for filaments which are especially fluid, so that the material can flow to the big regions below. The layer view doesn't handle it like that, though. Please attach a .curaproject file which produces the bug.
  23. Perhaps a negative spaghetti inset causes the bug. I suggest making it zero instead of a negative number.
  24. https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/blob/master/src/skin.cpp :: 160 Applying a fix right now via the Github interface :P Thanks for reporting, hopefully this will reach Cura 3.5.1
  25. Ive done some testing and it seems that for some reason when the infill line distance is below 1mm it doesn't work. (The infill pattern influences the infill line distance) This is a very peculiar bug!
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