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  1. Not exactly what you asked for, but JFYI: www.ibrieger.de/pimped-ultimaker-2.html#feeder-flowratesensor
  2. Hi @neotko, can you explain this a bit more? What's that "automatic interpolation" the stepper driver is doing? Some links to more information about this?
  3. Hi, this one calls CuraEngine with the parameters from printer- and material profiles: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/35622-curaengine-command-line-use-cura-profiles-instead-of-s-options
  4. Updated the script, replaced ContainerRegistry with CuraContainerRegistry. @@Nallath: The value for *infill_overlap* is not resolved/evaluated (neither by using ContainerRegistry nor by using CuraContainerRegistry): infill_overlap = =10 if infill_sparse_density < 95 and infill_pattern != 'concentric' else 0 I think this code has to be evaluated somehow before it gets passed over to curaEnginge? Any hints?
  5. Hi, i have written a python program cura-engine-wrapper.py that reads the slicing parameters from Cura machine and quality/material profiles and calls CuraEngine with them to slice a model (stl file). You can overwrite specific profile parameters on the command line and there are some additional use cases like listing available Cura containers/profiles or dumping the parameters of a given profile. You can find it here: http://github.com/ErwinRieger/ddprint/tree/master/scripts. More information here: http://ibrieger.de/cura-engine-wrapperpy-helper-to-call-curaengine-from-command-line.html.
  6. Why is it called "Zero Gravity"?
  7. Of course i can copy it from cura.log... But i am looking for a more integrated/elegant way, something that is more 'single source'. Problem is, for example, if i change the machine/profile in cura, i have to remember all places (scripts, Makefiles) where this profile is used (hardcoded settings) and have to update them by hand... This is duplicated and error-prone work. I would like to avoid such hardcoded settings and instead reference the cura profiles at theese places.
  8. Hi, i'm working with Cura (2.3.1) under linux. I have created a custom UM2 machine profile and some material/quality profiles. Slicing with the Cura GUI is going well. Now i want to atomate things, i.e. i want to use CuraEngine (from a Makefile) to slice my STL files into gcode. To do this i would have to use many "-s" commandline options to specify the non-default slicer options (a look into cura.log reveals that it is calling CuraEngine with about 330 "-s" options, for example). Now the question is: Is it possible to use the Cura(-GUI) generated profiles (.cfg files stored in HOME/.local/share/cura) instead of listing them one by one on the CuraEngine command line? It seems that there is no commandline option to specify Cura profiles :-( Or is there some other way like generating a list of "-s" options from the Cura profiles?
  9. I assume that "jedi-marlin" is the firmware that is running on the "atmega board" (jedi.hex). The name suggests that it is Marlin based. If so, where ist the source code?
  10. @Thor666 - Are you kidding?Please show me pictures/videos of such a 15mm³/s with 0.4 nozzle print and/or its results... To the original question: I want to see pictures/videos of such a 24mm³/s print and/or its results. I want more information about the used model and parameters to be able to repeat this test.
  11. @gr5: Can you show a picture of the result of such a 18mm³/s print?
  12. You printed with 18mm³/s on a UM2? Which feeder and nozzle did you use?
  13. @SandervG So i want to repeat this stress test with my printer, can you share some more information on this test and its results? * Can you share the model (gcode and STL file)? Some info's about settings (layer height, speed, temps and so on)? * Pictures or even a video of the test and it's result?
  14. Thanks, thats what i wanted to know: So whats this stress test? Can you share the model?
  15. @TheDeugd or @SandervG, Ping? How did you get to this number? Is this a theoretical value or did you do some measurements to determine the max flowrate of 24 mm³/s?
  16. @ataraxis: I want to compare your results with my printer. Can you share the dimensions of your testcylinder?
  17. Hi @TheDeugd or @SandervG, you wrote: How did you get to this number? Is this a theoretical value or did you do some measurements to determine the max flowrate of 24 mm³/s?
  18. Hi @ataraxis, what are the dimensions of your test cylinder (diamenter, height), please?
  19. or its a firmware bug: http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4058-marlin-reprap-with-toshiba-flashair-wifi-firmware-patch/ https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues/2795
  20. Hi, can you share the gcode/STL or scad file of your test cylinder?
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