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  1. @neotko, Ultimaker growing to fast. I hope they will manage in near future better customer support. I feel me now really free. have fun too. p.s in forum what i wrote helps to nobody. Because only one who helped much is 3dverkstan Homepage.
  2. How can I delete or remove my user account? I sold my Ultimaker Original Plus and I will not use community Forum anymore. Regards
  3. Wenn dir nichts ausmacht bitte veröffentliche auch deine druckeinstellungen. Glaube mechanische und druckeinstellungsfehler haben deren werk geleistet. Es ist nicht so kompliziert solche fehler zu absolvieren.
  4. Photos from 3d prints looks always bad. In real life conditions we don't release this faults. You are printing little to hot. But you can serve your print settings then we can think better. Next time if possible take photos on daylight use white background. Anyway your print looks not so bad.
  5. 50 is okay. It will not cause any problems in longtherm. But if you are printing in your home abs can cause bad health conditions. 3d printing filaments can produce some really small parts in the air. But you can research yourself I only use PLA in my hobby room (with good air cleaning). I see on your photo there is one silver thing behind your printer, I think it is also for air ventilation.
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  7. Which version of Cura are you using? A little more info about your Cura settings can also be helpfull for us to understand what caused this faulty print.
  8. Theorie vs Praxis. 3 Punkt ist beliebt. Ich habe meins auf 4 Feder System umgebaut und bin glücklich. Bed leveling dauert (wenn überhaupt nötig ist) nur 20 Sekunden.
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    You can klick under male donations red colored "Download without donation" text
  10. niyoki


    You can klick under male donations red colored "Download without donation"
  11. @gr5 there is no bowden Tube, because of this you can not see.:(
  12. I mean axisses from just coming out of the print head. Not the axisses beside walls.
  13. @neotko, thank you for your list. I have a small question about PSFJ6-267 (267mm) from my UMO+ is 268 mm. Should I order 268mm or this is the reason why they formed itself to Banana (the printhead was moving difficult)
  14. @neotko I saw somewhere you also bought X/Y axis somewhere in Europe or I remember wrong. If you can link or write about it can be nice. Because my bed leveling Problems has nothing to do with bed itself, it is just bended (like a banana) axisses from X/Y.
  15. do you mean with motor shakes, motor moves forth and back (like it wants move but can't or motor moves like filament Forward (feeding) and taking filament backward (retracting)?
  16. To be sure after right firmware for UMO+ installed over Cura to the UMO+ you can go to Ultimaker Controller and there find a Menue "CONTROL" -> "LOAD FAILSAFE" -> "SAVE SETTINGS" .
  17. When you start a small business buy at least 2 machines. When everything working like you want you can print at the same time or use parts from other machine to repair the other one then contuniue your job. Otherwise you can get timing stress.
  18. Do not use near children. Because of Hotend and some moving parts actually dangerous than Filament itself. Also like working place security Reglements Keep you hair and clothes away from machines like Kitchen Aid or Pizza Oven (I must cook much)
  19. You can also use another usb cable...Or first connect Usb cable to the UM2 then you can power on Laptop then UM2.
  20. Sorry for asking but did you tried without loading a Filament? Please be carefull like gr5 wrote if heater not hot enough it makes some damages. I forgot also to write about in my dual Extrusion kit was a motor with rounded shaft. Later they delivered right one with a one flat sided shaft.
  21. Under my nickname stays "Cura Commander". I must protect Cura
  22. it is Little complicated. I backed a Firmware for dual Extruder UMO+ over this link https://bultimaker.bulles.eu/ . It is really easy to do then load to UMO+ from Cura under Machine Settings custom Firmware. But also heater must be to the second heater port connected. Then slice something in cura then edit gcode at the beginning put this : ;M190 S0 ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line ;M109 S0 ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line M104 T1 S210 M109 T1 S210 After this you can use your gcode on your umo+ with second Extruder.
  23. Multiple infill percentages. Who need this? Marketing gag. Other Point what everybody talks about is "you can create your own supports" for newbee no go. Cura is the best beginner and intermediate user tool. I'm waiting for a more beginner friendly Cura, old gui was way better to use and understand for beginners. Please do not Forget "less is more than enough". I like Cura because everytime when I print something gets better, better, better...Before I Forget print Fails using Cura is less then 1 percent, yes unbelievable...
  24. Nice idea separeted Pid settings, because I use my dual setup on UMO+ with UMO heater and UMO+ heater. It is working but UMO heater jumps really high then cools down to the right temperature.
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