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  1. UM printers can indeed print that clean. But I was looking at the detail in the print job that made me think of the inkjet 3D printers. That tattoo on the bicep is unbelievably clean. It can be done, but it takes a lot of work to get something like that done by hand.
  2. I really was just asking a far reaching question. I was thinking of the downloaders since I make 99% of my stuff. Yes, I will download some things for modification, but not enough to request something like this. So, I would guess the one that is easiest to implement. 😊
  3. Just out of curiousity, will it eventually include (or be separate from this plugin by venue) other model sources such as Youmagine, MyMiniFactory and others? Other than that, this is one of those ideas that is sooooo simple that nobody thought of it before. 😂 Way cool implementation and kudos! 😃
  4. As @gr5 says, there are two parts to this: Creation of model Print of model The printing of a model as you show, if I remember correctly, can only be done with a very expensive ink jet 3D printer. Info on tech There are machines that are coming out that will make it cheaper than before, but, to get the resolution you see in your example requires a not so affordable/very high resolution printer.
  5. This looks like classic 'non-manifold' or 'non-watertight' issues. It looks as though Cura is trying to close up edges it thinks are proper connections. I agree that the .3mf file is needed, but also the model as it is as well be to be definitive about the issue. This would be the .stl or .obj type and not a cura file. Also, did you download or did you make it? What program?
  6. This now has almost all the stuff glued into the Desk. The pieces not glued are not present in the image. The wall also has the shield, ram's skull, manacles and antique style bone saws affixed. Now that these pieces are put together, I can see where to do some colour work to make these things 'pop' out a bit better without becoming a distraction. The desk is not glued down to the floor as I still have a bit more floor work to do and it will just be easier. I also will not have to worry about breaking things when I touch up the previously mentioned areas.
  7. Thanks :) but do not underestimate the differences in talent. The good thing is that this has been helping redevelop my eye/hand coordination. But, still have frustration levels. But, it is improvement. :)
  8. The desk is in a sorta final placements before being glued down . All of this is just placed into position, but want to think about it and maybe move a thing here or there or add a thing or two, or not..... All lab equipment/beakers and such are 3D printed.
  9. 🤣🤣 These two guys popped into mind when I read that. I know...I know...I am old. This is a better pic. B.O.B is the one on the right....
  10. Rather than an SLA printer, I would prefer that UM stay on the FDM market focus since it would involve basically restarting from scratch in the short run and take away resources from making sure the current/upcoming printers have the best profiles for dimensional accuracy. Basically, 'we have really good printers-let us make sure they deliver. On the flip side, I am very interested in seeing this new thing.
  11. OK, so now I am doing things around the floor and parts that go on the roll top desk. This guy is going under the roll top desk. Top Left is the conjoined demon and the ball and chain painted, ready to assemble. Top Right has the Manacle placed upon the leg. Bottom Left is a loose placement Conjoined demon and ball and chain glued in place. The desk is just there to check placement before gluing. This is the roll top desk and some of the parts that go into it. I researched torture devices to populate the desk shelves. They are all not prepped yet. I am working my way down in size of things that go into the desk and other places.
  12. This is the iron cage and occupant in the main parts. And a loose fitting before gluing together and into the wall part. And this is the wall as it now exists: The wall and floor is now affixed to the base The iron cage is glued into place The books are now glued into the bookshelves The bookshelves are now glued into place Top parts are now added to the bookshelves For Beaky, I could have named the 'trophy' 'Orson' or Beaky. I chose Beaky because I figured people would have a better chance of seeing a Warner Bros. Cartoon more than H. R. Pufnstuf.
  13. For the geometry, I used a mixture of 3DS MAX 2016 for the basic geometry and 3D Coat for detailing, distressing and adding other details. In full disclosure, I did not make the skeleton parts that are in there (arm) and will be there. But I did greatly modify them. Printed on the S5 and UM3E in PLA. Painting is being done with brushed on acrylics over a primer. The acrylics are a combo of washes and dry brush.
  14. Good grief, I am slow. It took almost a full week to paint the books for the bookshelves. I also did a bit of starting to clean up the roll top desk.
  15. So, spent a majority of the day painting the Bookshelf and roll top desk. First, I disassembled the bookshelf and books that go into it. I had to be careful to take the books out in order since it took a while to get them into the proper place after printing them. So far, the bookshelf and roll top desk have just some basic washes on them with a bit of work to bring out detail. I still have to make the bookshelf a bit more 'wood grainy." But, I needed to see how it worked against the wall and floors. Who knows how long it will take to paint all those books, let alone the stuff that goes on the desk.
  16. So far, this is where I am on this project. I will have to adjust colours as I add pieces. Trying to figure what I will do to get this done is taking a lot longer than I had hoped. But it will be an evolving process. This is the preliminary paint job on the back walls and floor. These are the smaller parts I have painted as well. Again, will probably have to adjust the paint job once it starts getting put together. The arrows point to 'the other side' of the objects themselves as they had additional detail to view. Personally, I like the eyes in the skull crossed, looking up at the axe cleaving into the skull. 😁 Just to show how optimistic I was about the books. I had spent a lot of time thinking up jokey book titles for them. But the book is less than an inch in height. So, oh well, 'tis whut it 'tis........
  17. Way back in the day, Warren Publishing put out a set of black and white magazines. Creepy was one of those magazines and, the mascot was Uncle Creepy. Being the comics fan I am, plus having read the magazines when they were first released (yes....that old) I started this project a while back. This is the concept rendering: And, this is the beginnings of finishing the print. Still moving slow, but improving, so, if you like this, be patient as it has gazillions of parts to paint and assemble. All things printed, just need to be finalized. I had a large 5 sided plexi display case since it is much cheaper to not have them include a premade base. So, I designed the base for the print to sit on, but also let me create a nice 'show' base. This is the Base as it laid within the S5 buildspace. It is big, so it is on an angle. The white is the base and the beige part is a construct to minimize use of PVA. That stuff is expensive and difficult to print with. So, the less of it being used is always a plus. This shows the gap between the PLA construct and the base with just the tiny amount of PVA to deal with. This is the printed piece. I had to reload a material and that is why the divisions in colour. This is the painted base. I will probably do touch ups and refinement as time goes on. Now, for the walls and floor, it was just too big for a single print. This shows the breakup of the model into printable sections. This is how big: This is the main part sitting on the S5 Buildplate. This is the walls and floor assembled and primed sitting on the base. This is how the display case fits over the assembly. More to come as I finish pieces. I have no rhyme or reason for the order of things to be finished. For instance, I have painted a few small objects like the Coat of Arms shield. Not much, but, just out of order of parts finished to start building the piece of the whole.
  18. 👍 Gots a ways to go.....But, thanks :)
  19. Thank you :) . I am still working on getting the whole 'thing' together with getting the brain engaged, eye hand coordination, painting and the actual digital sculpting. I am so slow these days.......
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