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  1. When I use my Printdry I just peel off the label/NFC tag and put that on the NFC spool holder. You can use the same one over and over so just write what material type it is and then you don't have to peel off every spool. But you won't be able to track how much material has been used on the spool. (I never checked anyways)
  2. Ultimaker says monthly for lubricating the axles. I usually forget so its more like every 6 weeks for me.
  3. Not sure about UMS5 but on my UM3 "reset Cura Connect" would often fix my camera.
  4. I have a workaround for this that seems to work fine for my uses. I just set the "Initial Layer Temperature" to match the "Printing Temperature" before slicing in Cura. This prevents the delay while the extruder heats back up in between parts and it doesn't seem to have any negative effects on plate adhesion for my parts.
  5. Hey thanks, this is exactly what I'm looking for, guess I missed it in my searching. How much risk are we talking about here? I'll probably just wait a bit to try it out because our S5 and UM3 are basically running 24/7 right now on some bigger jobs.
  6. Hi all, we've recently outfitted our UM3 with the Bondtech hardened feeders and the CC Red 0.6mm Print core with the intent to use BASF PP-GF30 filament. The main issue is there is no option to select the CC core with an UM3 in Cura 4.8. Is there a way to enable this or a good workaround? The lesser issue is there is no way to specify this material on the UM3 when loading it, which means you have to navigate through the warnings and override every print in Cura. Is there a way to add new materials to the UM3 material loading screen? Thanks.
  7. In my experience with Ultimaker PC, it does generate a lot of very fine hairs that clog the fan quickly, to the point where I am cleaning it daily. I haven't tried any other brands so I'm not sure if this is a normal thing for all PC.
  8. The command for 3.7 – 4.2.5 vi /usr/share/griffin/griffin/machines/um3.json still works for 5.2.16, I imagine Bondtech doesn't get around to updating their documentation every time Ultimaker does a firmware update. Be sure to read the instructions very carefully and it should work. I am a noob and my problem was I was pressing "x" to save the json file when I was supposed to be pressing ":x" Always a good idea to go back in after you are done and verify that the values actually changed.
  9. I've never heard of the clips chipping the glass either but its good to have a few spare sheets of glass anyways. They will eventually chip from normal wear and tear especially if you print some of the higher temp materials. I get mine from the Canadian reseller Shop3D. Other good parts you might want to get are the silicone nozzle covers as I find these wear out pretty quickly, and possibly spare bowden tubes. Spare print cores are nice to have too just in case.
  10. When I first got my UM3 a couple years ago I noticed some strange prime blob behavior too. It would once in a while make the blob way too big although it would never get to the point where it flooded the head. I haven't really noticed it again in the last 12-18 months so I figured it must have been fixed in one of the updates. Its worth noting that I almost never enable prime blob now, it doesn't really seem useful and even with a small blob it sometimes gets dragged back into the print zone.
  11. Its happened to my UM3 as well. High enclosure temperatures definitely contribute to the problem. We were printing PC and it gets extra hot just due to the high build plate and nozzle temps. I didn't replace the sliding blocks but I did diagnose the print head bearings as going bad. Since replacing those a few months ago I have not had them pop out again.
  12. It happened to me, seemed to be related to bad bearings in the print head. I replaced those and haven't had any more issues.
  13. SOLVED! Its the screw for the S5 front door hinges.
  14. Unboxed our new S5 yesterday and a found a screw loose inside the box. It just looks to be a regular M3 x 16 screw and the head profile doesn't seem to match anything that I can see. Would anyone know where this belongs and is it something to be concerned about?
  15. For what its worth I was able to print the Predator Pliers first try on my UM3 with 0.4 nozzle.
  16. One PC is all you need, you'll just add all the printers into Cura and choose which one you want to use for each particular job.
  17. Just thought I'd chime in and say this happened to me too!
  18. Even at half the speed a 0.8AA nozzle can finish these particular parts 3x as fast. It would definitely be worth it if I can get the quality right, I can only fit 6 of these on the build plate at a time.
  19. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately priorities have already shifted with me so I need to back to 0.4AA and won't be able to troubleshoot for another week or so. 😞 I did notice some things though. The stock profile for 0.4AA Nylon is 255C, while for 0.8AA it is only 245C which seems against what Carla is saying. I think I may have found the real problem though, on closer look I can see that the nozzle is way too high off the plate. I realize now that I swapped cores without doing any kind of calibration or leveling offset for the 2nd nozzle so...
  20. UM3. Cura 4.6.1 UM Nylon We print all the time with nylon with the 0.4AA core and it works great. To try and save time on some simple flat pieces I switched to the 0.8AA core which we've never really used. Using the stock profile it came out quite ridiculously bad, although the preview in Cura looked good. Is there something special I should be doing to try and improve this? I've attached a photo of the 0.4 vs 0.8 parts for reference.
  21. I was wondering if anyone has any updates on this, its really frustrating. I was advised by my reseller (who also confirmed the issue on their end) to just use Cura 3.4, but I have to say I'm not very satisfied with that answer. I was going to post on Github but I think someone else already has and its been deferred by the Ultimaker team? https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/7840
  22. Not being able to override this message is especially frustrating now that so much work is done remotely. For example the skeleton crew at my office did not remember to hit the button before they left so now I'm unable to start any of the big weekend prints.
  23. I use my printer through a wired network connection so disabling the plugin is not very desirable to me. Cura 4.5.0 does seem to run much faster for me, but still not as good as 3.4.1
  24. Looking for help with this in Cura 4.5 (although it doesn't seem to work in any version) This model has a small cutout in the very bottom that is about 0.75mm tall. It needs support as it droops too much when printing. Is there some kind of setting I'm using wrong or a way to force this? I tried playing around with the Custom Support plugin but that also gave me weird results like essentially building a raft under the entire model.
  25. @Smithy It seems like this may have been the problem. I did pull a small out of debris out of the fan (although it was very minimal) but the print succeeded on the next try. Thanks for the suggestion.
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