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    • I had a similar issue with the seam alignment causing tiny tiny bumps. If your looking at the same type of problem check out the solution in the post tiny tiny bumps.    @Torgeir was a lot of help ! If this does fix your issue please give him the credit 🙂
    • The combo seems to have fixed it, can’t find any more dots. Thanks! Maybe ultimaker should update the visual profile  
    • But Mari - there is that other .0000001%...It's possible there is a window there but without knowing the exact model??? Now I'm not sure if this will actually work but it seems to have potential.   If we bring in a cookie cutter shape that has a wedge on the bottom, and scale it up say to 200% in X and Y and leave it at 100% in the Z (so it doesn't get any taller), the wedge scales up and the walls scale up.  Playing with the Cura number of walls and tops and bottoms doesn't give us much of anything.   We know Cura always brings things in at their center-of-geometry so we know that point of the cookie cutter is at build plate center (0,0) We bring in the same cookie cutter file again but this time scale it to say 195.2% X and Y and leave Z at 100% (that 195.2% number I calculated would leave walls 1.2mm thick) and then move Model 2 to 0,0 so it lines up perfectly with Model 1. With the second (smaller) model selected we choose Per Model Settings and the second tool from the right Modify Settings for Overlaps.  Then select Cutting Mesh (instead of Infill Mesh) and then Select Settings.  From the selection of settings pick Wall Thickness, Top/Bottom Thickness, and Infill  Density and set all three to "0". In the main settings window set Wall Thickness to 2, Top/Bottom Thickness to 0, and infill to 100%. Slice and dice and see how it looks.  I think the key might be to getting the scale right on the smaller "Cookie Cutter Cutter" model so the wall thickness comes out acceptable. I like oatmeal cookies with raisins and nuts so If the cookie cutter thing doesn't work out, I'm good with the old fashioned "Push the dough off the spoon" technique.
    • Sorry, ich war schon lange nicht mehr hier im Forum. Hast du mittlerweile die Antwort gefunden?
    • I had more time to dig in to it.   I loosened the 4 long screws to drop the head down to see what was going on.   the filament is in fact stuck in the head end of the boden tube.   the filament had developed a ring around it just outside the top end of the print head tube.  Probably due to a clogged nozzle. as the filament was softened and te extruder pushed agains the clogged nozzle it created a ring.    that ring is just a bit to big to pull through the bowden tube..   when I originally tried to extract, I pulled as the extruder was reversing... that logged the filament in the bowden tube..   That's also why  I could not pull the bowden tube out the printhead end.. it was expanded by the ring on the stuck filament.   Its real stuck in there with nothing showing at the printhead end to grab to pull it out...   so I'll probably just get a new bowden tube.   Also I'll put the printhead back together and get the nozzle off to see if it needs cleaning.. or a new nozzle  
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