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  2. Aha.. 👍 OK.. There is a few thing to check. Hmm. There is actually no external outputs, that can brick the complete main PCB, -however there is "outputs" that can brick the 5 VDC power supply on the main PCB board. Also -the 24 VDC power supply might be checked, -if it has the right voltage, can deliver the max load (ampere) and is clean without high ripple voltage. Normally, they work, -or fail completely and give no power at all. The 5 VDC fan (short), as it is connected directly to 5VDC -I'll think. (As far as I'll know, there is no fuse in th
  3. Or maybe you have the issue that ahoeben was talking about where the print profile trumps the material profile.
  4. I'd have to see the rest of the model but if you flip the plant pot over and print with the "top" "down" then you might not need any support at all. Support can make the model worse in cases like this but if you don't want to flip the part over (easy to do in cura) in this specific case you want to set "support placement" to "everywhere". As stated 3 times now. Always look at the part in PREVIEW mode to see if the printer will be doing what you want and to see what changing a setting has effect on the result.
  5. I have installed a new replacement board (2.1.4.) I still have the old one (2.1.4).
  6. OK., got it.. But does this mean you got two PCB's(?), -or just have the original 2.1.4? The link is working OK. This is a brand new link, I've always check this as I do not want to put up anything here that might not be revised etc. But sure, I do have a copy of this file and can put it up here if you like. Sure I've got some confused.. 🙂 Torgeir
  7. So the GUI is confusing. When it gives you the "keep" "discard" option I thought "keep" was going to save something to the hard drive. It doesn't. There's the profile, and then there's the changes you make to the profile like the temperature change. When you select a new profile it shows all the changes you made (like temperature) and says "discard or keep changes". If you choose "keep" then it loads the new profile but with your changes on top so your 65C is still visible instead of 60C. If you choose "discard" then you get the profile fresh with your changes gone.
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  9. I have confused you? please go to the top of this topic
  10. Hmm., I've thought you was testing to see that all was Ok. ? The limit switches was just a part of check before startup. So you've changed the PCB, tested it and started a new print? I do not think that your printer has stopped, -has anything with the limit switches to do. After a setup, you need to test your printer with a known good "gcode file" for your printer. This is an important thing to do in order to verify that your printer is OK., -because a faulty "print file" may cause your printer to stop.. What kind of object did you try
  11. Unfortunately, that link doesn't seem to work. I have only changed the board. The machine stopped mid-print. As far as I'm aware, all limit switches have shown no sign of malfunction or maladjustment.
  12. yeah - it simply sucks ... Every firmware there are so much issues with it
  13. I have downloaded the file below and used to add a printer in Cura 4.8.0 and added the new files in Resources Definitions and Extruders. I noticed a message from Brad Fettes showing how to correct a typo and have corrected that. I removed Wanhao Duplicator 4s from printers and added it again after making the changes above. When I opened the printer up after this it still only showed one extruder, clearly the changes have not completed this correctly. I think the changes have changed the printer Gcode but it still remains idle when I try to print. I have included the fi
  14. Yes, -just to see they made a click when they are activated. Do you have the assembly manual for UM2? All of this information is in here.. It is here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/um2 assembly manual V1.1 _english.pdf You may leave the head in the forward middle position, so when you "arrive" the test of the X and Y steppers, they will move from here to the home position in the inner left corner. Lets see how this go. Torgeir
  15. Sorry for the confusion! The ring shown in the photo sits at the top inside of the plant pot so yes it connected to the pot. I thought if I show the ring separately on the screenshot, it will look clearer (obviously not!) The image below is how the handle printed - lots of strings so no support inside at all. Could anyone advise what setting I need to amend in Cura?
  16. Hi. As you have a genuine UM2+, so I would try to reset the printer as the "adjustable" variables is kept in a flash ram. This will renew "important" parameters for the firmware and It's worth a try.. So lets see then.. Torgeir
  17. Can someone tell me start to finish, how to download cura for an acer chromebook with links? I'd be so happy. I'm smart but i got no idea what this all means. I have an ender 3 3d printer from Creality. I've finally got the bed leveled but I dont have a windows computer to run cura on.
  18. I will phone them tomorrow but i have no warranty as i bought the product on ebay and even thou it is brand new and first user - void warranty
  19. If the ring is larger in diameter than the rim of the pot then it can sit inside the pot loose but never be able to come out of the pot. Then you can grab the ring and have it rotate 90 degrees and turn into a handle for the pot. when you release, the ring falls back inside. This will need a lot of support which will be tricky to remove but first of all you have to place that ring inside the pot where it doesn't touch any walls. then do "support everywhere" as Greg says.
  20. There is an unbricking procedure. Contact your reseller for the S5 unbricking procedure. I know someone who bricked his S5 today with the upgrade and has already unbricked it with the procedure and is already good to go.
  21. Can i still do this ..I dont think it will get past this screen? How can a firmware be released and its this buggy. I wish i never bought the machine. It is so expense and give nothing but headache 😞
  22. If a Pro Bundle was stuck on the Ultimaker screen, it has been a good strategy in the past to restart the Pro Bundle without the Material Station being connected, i.e. as standalone S5 and then perform a reset of the printer settings in that state before reconnecting the Material Station.
  23. I think the ambassador ahoeben DID NOT UNDERSTAND the question. Let's be clear here. Let's say I have a certain bed temp (65) set in the Cura Print Settings and I change the material by selecting a material profile. This profile contains as well a certain bed temperature (60). As you can see there is a difference. I was expecting to be asked: You have a different temperature in the material profile, Do you want to discard or Keep the changes. It does not ask me anything about the bed temperature, although it is different than in the Settings, and obviously it does not change the bed temp
  24. 1) I'd try printing it. It might not be as rough as you think. Or did you already? 2) Is it printing fast/slow/fast/slow in this area? If so then *reduce* the polygons that Fusion outputs. It's counter intuitive but if you have more than 5 or 10 triangles per mm it really slows down the printer. I can explain if you want. 3) There's a new alpha version of cura out that supposedly handles thin walls better. I haven't tried it yet. But there is definitely the burtoogle version of cura which definitely handles thin walls much better here: https://github.com/smartavionics/Cur
  25. I also tried the upgrade and my S5 appears bricked too i was running the latest too. what can i do..It better move past this screen? I was running um-update-5.8.2 Please help me
  26. Thank you very much for your answer I will definitely try to take a look at it. I can't look at it right now but I will as soon as I can and let you know. I have disabled the Z screws again to check how easy the Z axis could move. It appeared that it is kind of normal smooth BUT I found that every wheel revolution it was making an awful noise and that I could feel a "bump". I looked every wheels and one looks damaged. I have uploaded a picture of it so yoy can see. To check if that was the issue causing the problem I had, I have put the printer back toget
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