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  2. Yeah, we saw both problems in fact, Yesterday I set it to weekly and it printed way too close - altough we leveled one Minute before.
  3. It worked for me too with "every week". The only setting that IS different is "Never" which now turns active leveling completely off (to be manually leveled properly).
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  5. You are still confusing "plugins" and "scripts". What used to be a "plugin" in the old Cura is now called a "script". You might infer from that that what is now called a "plugin" is something different. A large part of the functionality of Cura is implemented as a "plugin". Instead of the program being a single block of code with all functionality built-in, it consists of a smaller "core" which is extended with plugins (which can - in theory - be disabled/removed). These plugins add different types of functionality. For example loading different 3d formats is implemented as plugins, but also connecting to printers (over USB, or over the network). Even the different "views" such as the normal view, layer view and x-ray view are plugins. Even the functionality to run "scripts" on the created gcode is by itself a plugin ("PostProcessing"). Most of the plugins that you found are enabled by default, so you never need to worry about them. The plugins that are available in the Marketplace are plugins of the same type (NOT postprocessing scripts).
  6. The " M117 Tail_1.0 layer: 0 " line that you quote is put there by a postprocessing script ("Display filename and layer on LCD"). This script has a setting called "text to display". If you enter anything at all there, that will be used instead of the filename.
  7. I've noticed the inverse problem on my printer. If autoleveling is not set to always, It tries to print at or below glass plate level, so it never extrudes and just scrapes on the glass. Manual leveling doesnt fix the problem either. Putting it back to always makes it work properly.
  8. Did you try contacting fbrc8.com? They are U.S. based part supplier. If they dont have it or can't get it, no one can. They ship super fast. Last ditch effort would be to try McMaster-Carr, Fastenal, or Grainger. Can determine the thread size with a thread checker or calipers, and then measure the shoulder length, thread length, etc to get the exact screw you need.
  9. Ok Ultimaker Community. It appears I may have found a bug with UM3 5.2.8 firmware! If turn active leveling frequency less than "always", the machine appears to fail to remember the offsets, and print at the wrong z height. The moment I turn active leveling frequency back to always, it prints at the proper z offset from the glass plate. Not on "always", the printer prints at the absolute 0 Z cordinate as the glass plate, therefore it can never extrude. Can anyone else replicate this?
  10. If you are in USA, I sell UM3 and S5 print cores with swappable nozzles at thegr5store.com. Otherwise if you are in the rest of the world try 3dsolex.com.
  11. Ok, so scratch that. Both cores are scraping the glass and not printing. What the heck. I dont understand.
  12. Are you printing with one material or two? Build plate temperature is a global setting; even if you've set 1 material to 0 degrees, if material 2 is set to 70 degrees it will default to the higher temperature since it's a shared setting.
  13. Hi all, I am having a problem with my UM3. Today I replaced my short belts and the short bearing the print head. After reassembly, I loaded my AA 0.4 print core into slot 1, and BB 0.4 print core into slot 2. After printing a simple cube using PLA test from core AA, I went to print something that used the BB core with PVA. After doing the prime blob, the BB print core began to "print", but it appeared to only be scraping off the glue stick off of the glass. When the bed retracts, some PVA extrudes out. I have ran active leveling, and finally manual leveling and each time I keep getting the same result for my PVA adhesion layer. I have ran diagnostics on my level sensor, and UM3 is saying it is functioning ok. I have also tried to clear the print head using PLA filament and the cleaning routine. Any one have any ideas why this is happening? What could be causing this?
  14. Hallo zusammen, ich habe seit heute das Problem das ab einer gewissen höhe kein Filamant mehr gefördet wird. Habe schon den Printcore gereinigt. Bis zu dem einem Punkt Druckt er super, dann ist vorbei und Druckt ohne Filamanet weiter. Was kann das sein? Anbei auch die Cura Datei. Bin echt am verzweifeln. Habe den Ultimaker 3 und der Printcore 1 hat 12 Tage Druckzeit. Vielen Dank im Voraus Cura Datei.3mf
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  16. Ah I understand, thanks for your reply! I was just wondering then, is there a way to folderise/categorise your custom profiles? So like all my Filamentive profiles could be in a folder and all my Ridgid.Ink ones could be in another for example? If I'm talking daft feel free to tell me! I just want to learn how to be more organised with the software and cant really find much out about this specific query. If it isn't a feature could I make this a feature request? lol Thanks a lot, All the best, Will :)
  17. This has happened to me many times on various Marlin printers. The datapath to USB or SD card is not super reliable. Even though there is a checksum digit, occasionally the error and the checksum match. So what happens is a digit changes. For example: G1 X1 Y1 E1234.234 gets randomly changed to G1 X1 Y1 E1034.234 (this is the change of a single bit) So it retracts 200mm (1234-1034). Then on the next move it moves forward the same amount but it's too late if the filament falls out of the feeder. Also if you watch/listen carefully, occasionally the X, Y, or Z will move by 100mm or so and then move back for no apparent reason and this will usually leave a little noodle/string sticking out the side of the print. I fixed this for my printer by cleaning out the SD card slot. There was a small hair in there (an eyelash I think). I took the PCB out and cleaned it very well with toothpicks, alcohol, qtips. But I think it was that single hair that was the problem. I haven't fixed the other printers that do this. With one printer it was doing it about once every 3 minutes. With the other printer it's once per week so I just ignore it.
  18. Hi all, I’ve got a Anet A6 running the latest Marlin firmware, and I am using Cura 4.0.0. The last print jobs I had, after being at 80% or so from the print job, all the axes stop moving. The extruder is then retracting the filament for minutes. Then suddenly, the printing resumes. Which of course is not working, since the filament is out of the (bowden) extruder. I have taken a look at the G-code,although not too sure what I have to look for. Any ideas what to look for in the code? Or other ideas for solving this? Regards, Dick
  19. Did anyone else encounter this problem? In my print file, I set the build platform temperature to 0C, yet, the printer heats up the platform to 70C. I tried different materials, restarting Cura and the printer, nothing helped.
  20. Got mine today from Trideus. (NL/BE/LUX)
  21. Afaik the flow sensor is integrated in the feeder's housing and not in the printcore. So it does detect positiv material flow, which is correct.
  22. I'm curious what temp you are printing at. Sometimes I get that with some brands of filament and have the temp too high
  23. Would you mind sending some pictures to show the condition?
  24. I'm looking for one, please send me an email altair0319@gmail.com
  25. I have used the 3DSolex print cores since I first purchased my UM3 Ext machines with great success. Highly recommended.👍 You'll get 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm nozzles on an AA core. They used to have an exchange program using your AA print core. Can't say that is still the case though.
  26. Hi, If there is no other way I'll do it, but I want an option to generate the g-code without the filename inside. Time is money!
  27. Does this plugin work with non-UM printers? I am using CURA 3.6 currently. Yesterday I installed the available z-offset add-on from "Marketplace". I entered 0.1mm Z offset. My reprap delta printer (Folgertech 2020) homed, moved to the bed and then rose 200mm (or so) and started printing in the middle of the air. The front panel told me it thought it was a 0.1mm. It should have said 0.28mm, .1mm higher than my first layer setting. Currently this printer is running an older Marlin version. It is possible that the g-code was not recognized or perhaps was misinterpreted by the firmware. I plan on updating to the most recent Marlin and trying it again. Thanks, DLC
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