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  1. I tried reproducing in Cura v2.6.1 and can't reproduce the reported issue. Can you confirm it still exists?
  2. Cura v2.6.1 was released today and fixes the export of the nozzle size info for the UM2(+).
  3. Thanks for reporting the bug. It is working fine for the UM3 but fails on UM2(+). It is a known issue and will be fixed in the next Cura release.
  4. And enjoy the new v3.6 features: light control and filament change during printing (besides a lot of small bug fixes).
  5. First you have to enable the hotends. Hotends are only allowed to be removed when disabled, so before heating commands are accepted you have to enable them. enable hotend 0: M145 T0 disable hotend 0: M144 T0 Example: M145 T0 M104 T0 S150
  6. If it's not broken, don't fix it. A good adagium, but here a system is broken and firmware v3.6.3 proved to be stable for more than 2 months now. The reported USB file problem was fixed in v3.6.3 within 2 weeks. My guess is that Cura did break something. Cura doesn't update the UM3 firmware, but it does update the material profiles. Firmware v3.5 is old and not as good tested to work together with Cura v2.6 as the v3.6 firmware was tested. My suggestion is to update the UM3 firmware and see if this fixes the issue. When not, report back here and we'll look into it further.
  7. I now better understand how you people use the direct gcode commands. Still, I don't think Ultimaker will give it high priority since those are all tweaker use cases. When a community member posts a pull-request for a nice solution we could add it. Otherwise you tweakers already have the very powerful command utility described above. There is a slightly faster way to get to the command utility: - On the printer enable the development mode. - Setup a remote connection to the printer with: ssh ultimaker@ - password = ultimaker By loging in like this you directly enter the command utility. Sending gcode: sendgcode How about a web page where you can control the head movements? Sounds like a solution that would cover about 90% of your tweak desires. Technical implementation is easy but I would have to do this in my spare time and designing a nice looking web page is not my thing so I could use some help there...
  8. Info on how to find the logging info and a template on how to report bugs can be found at https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura (scroll down to page bottom). In Cura there is the menu item 'Help / Report a bug' which redirects you to https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues where you can post the bug report.
  9. I'm looking into this problem. Can you tell me the firmware version number on your printer?
  10. Making this work is not a simple configuration change but requires that you create new program code in Marlin. Are you willing to do that? People are willing to help you but I doubt someone is going to do all the work for you. Create a new fork of the UM2Marlin repository on GitHub, make your changes and then we can help by reviewing and giving suggestions.
  11. A few of the requested features are there already (or at least in my v2.6-Beta): - You can directly enter the layer number. Click the number shown in the progress bar and it turns into an edit box - You can move up/down one layer at a time with the up/down keys when the above mentioned edit field is selected. - Useful but uncommon feature is that you can drag the 'middle' of the slider when you have a range selected. I often reduce the scope to 1 layer and then use this to browse the whole structure like in an MRI-scan. See the View Modes page in the Cura manual.
  12. Full manual control was never implemented in the UM3 since there is no use case. I'm curious to hear for what serious applications you are using the manual control. As Nallath mentioned many of the printer settings can be controlled through the web API. Great when you want to automate some remote controlling. Documentation can be found at the printer itself: http://printer-ip-address/docs/api
  13. I did a few tests but can't reproduce your problem. However, it looks like there is a problem with the 'Default Printing Temperature' setting. On my system that value is ignored and exports 200C instead. As a workaround you might try: Revert the Default Printing Temperature setting to the default value (use the round arrow symbol next to the setting field). Set the 'Printing Temperature' to your desired value. Just to be sure, Cura 2.6 isn't out yet. I believe you mean Cura v2.6-Beta?
  14. Why still using Cura 2.4? Many bugs have been fixed since then. I tried in the v2.6 Beta release and the generated gcode looks fine to me (comments at line ends added by me): ;Small layer, adding delayG1 F1500 E42.0107 ; Do a 6.5mm retract.G0 F15000 X117.102 Y107.99 Z10.67 ; Move down 3mm G0 X101.587 Y95.362 ; move asideG4 P1404 ; wait 1404 ms The 6.5mm retract is specified in the Cura setting 'Retraction Distance'.
  15. Without more details it is difficult to say where things go wrong. I tested a model in my Cura v2.5 and I do see a difference when I change the setting for printing the infill before walls. But, only from layer 13 and higher since the first 12 layers are bottom layers. Can you have a closer look at your layer view in Cura and see what's happening there? See here for info on the layer view. (I like the trick where you move the two sliders close together to show only a single layer and then drag the slider middle part to move up and then through the model one layer at a time).
  16. A problem with the second extruder not priming in combination with a raft was fixed on June 1 (CURA-3848 for reference). Looking at the generated layer view it seems this fixes your issue as well. Since it was only fixed yesterday it will be in an upcoming 2.6 release (not sure if that is going to be another beta or the final). Issue #4 was fixed today but since we are in the process of releasing firmware v3.7 it will most likely go in the next release. Since the next release isn't planned yet I can't indicate when it will be available. Update June-8: Issue #4 will be in the v3.7 firmware release.
  17. Which Cura version are you using? I tried in Cura v2.5 Beta and can change those values (after duplicating the protected profile).
  18. Do you have any data to back up these statements? The power supply is rated for max 221W, so a peak consumption of 400W is impossible.With my cheap power measuring device I did a quick test: - Ambient temperature 22C - Dual nozzle print (205C and other nozzle at 100C) - Build plate 60C At print start, heating the build plate draws a large power of about 204W, short peak to 217W. Then, during print the power usage is about 105W. So, David's estimate seems even to be a bit on the high side.
  19. Cura v2.5 (Beta) has the new feature to read a gcode file, and then you can send it to your printer via WiFi.
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