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Bond Tech Versus the New Designed Um2+ Feeder

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Are you running with the origional feeder or Roberts feeder?

I'm running Roberts feeder with no problems, I'm also running with the Olsson block and a 35W heater.

I only have problems if I haven't cleaned the nozzle properly or I'm running with incorrect settings. The only thing I want to do now to my feeder is fit a hobbed gear to it to better grip the filament.

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I would say the Bondtech will be stronger then the UM one.

The Bondtech sits external of the machine. Not an issue for some but can be for others who move there printer around a lot.

You need to adjust the steps as they are different then the UM ones. there are instructions for this but if others want it more seamless then the UM option you just install the + firmware.

I am guessing the UM one is plenty strong enough and haven't seen anyone with issues yet.

Robert also reported that prints are heavier then with the old feeder.

In saying this, People with the Bondtech are also happy with their purchase.

For me the upgrade kit is a good option as you also get a metal fan shroud. Long term i think this is better then the printed ones.

Spring replacement which will be more stable long term then a printed one.

Better PT100 and replacements for those finger slicing clips.

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A couple of Bondtech UM2 kits showed up at my California door just about 3 days after I placed the order. That was fast. Failed feedings were already a thing of the past for me because Robert's feeder solved that long ago. The addition of this new pricey hardware put my UM2 into hyper mode. I can push a lot more material through the nozzle now. The reliability and quality printing seems the same as when I had the Robert feeder installed, but now I get all of that with around 30% more speed.

So that's the good side of it. The down side isn't really an issue with the Bondtech hardware. It's more of an issue that was enabled by the Bondtech extra speed and pressure: Now my Olsson block leaks through the coupler/block joint threads. I haven't resolved that one yet... every 7 hours of printing I clean the material blob off the block. This only happens when I'm greedy, forcing more filament through fast.

So I guess it's like with a car: upgrade the engine and you get higher speed (yay!) Which lights up your eyes until you feel the speed wobbles. Then you need to upgrade the suspension to resolve the newfound inadequacies. Then the steering feels too loose...

I'm happy with my Bondtech purchases. My UM2 seems like so much more now.

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Thanks for all the replies

Yes I am usising iRoberts feeder but having problems with under extrusion and the feeder motor clicking I use the OB block and never really got away wth it from original head. I found that I am having to be very careful with the material any type of resistance pulling the material and print fails.

Labern eventually rebuilt the head I had problems with, But drastically under extruding, hence my desire to ditch the feeder now. Depending how long it takes for upgrade kit to come out (March) I hope, any longer then I shall opt for Bondtech. Has about enough of this, seems to me that the feeder has alway been the Achilles heel of the UM2.

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What you are calling a firmware mod is a simple parameter change. Two aspects:

- Setting the E-steps is two gcode commands. BondTech provides a gcode file that does this by "printing" it to the printer.

- The only other thing involved is the speed of the fast retraction when you use Change Filament. However, you don't need to do anything, because you will be changing filament using the release lever on the BondTech, and simply pulling the filament out - much faster than the filament retraction.

So do not do anything about this.

As to concerns about changing the original firmware, I can't imagine ever using it again. TinkerGnome's version is so much superior it makes the original seem a toy.

BTW, switching back to original takes one command in Cura and 15 seconds to reload, if you are concerned.

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I have the new feeder and I can only recommend it.

My UM2+ ext can print easily at 80 mm/s with 0.3 layer height and a 0.4 mm nozzle.

I printed that fast because my friend was waiting for the object before leaving for a vacation. (it's a gopro mount for skiing, check out the video below)


The result came out quite nicely for a fast 0.3mm print imo.

Here's the result.

I cannot compare with Bondtech but I can compare with the old UM2 feeder and Robert's feeder.

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Thanks for the reply could I ask you what your head setup is, reason I am asking I use the 3DSolex Steel coupler, the threads are a little bit on the slack side and wondered if I upgraded to the Bondtech would I get Oozing through the threads.


Hey bob!

I got my bondtech upgrade 2 weeks ago, and had it installed and testing within an hour. I used tinkergnomes firmware and agree with @eldrick, seriously good updates.

Within a day, I was printing at ~80mm/s, where before I was printing 30-40 iRobert setup.

As you mentioned, the steel coupler would be a concern, and in fact I had an issues with the feeder being TOO strong :p

I had a scary event trying to print too fast, and had to clean it up. (luckily didn't ruin my olsson block). This can be avoided by slowly adjusting the feeding settings along with close watching the print and flow.

I too was waiting for the printer upgrade from ultimaker, but decided I couldn't wait any longer and figured the bondtech feeder would be stronger. (I didn't have tested proof, just a guess).

A few reasons I like it though:

1. Its far less money

2. It lives outside the box, meaning it can get external airflow and hopefully not overheat

3. I could possibly move the position of the feed above the printbed for a more direct feed in the future.

4. Im trying full ninja flex later this week, should have some results to share, but previously was only able to do semiflex!

Hope this helps :)

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Hi @bob-hepple, nice to hear that you are interested in my extruder!

I will go on a business trip during next week and I would recommend you place your order latest on sunday in order for me to send it before my trip. I will be visiting the MidWestReprap Festival in Goshen, USA.

I am also available for any guidance and help, you will also recieve an installation manual once you have purchased.

With best regards


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