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  1. I've just changed de e steps. Did nothing else, I don't think I am running into any extrusion problems.
  2. Those are not the right ones. I went to the store without checking and bought them wrong. UM2 right ones are SY42STH38-1684A (at least on mine). Ended up buying again
  3. Same problem here. I just acquired an old UM2 Extended with a total of 2km of filament printer. Although it homes correctly, when moving the print heat by hand (with it turned off) the movement in the Y axis jams in two specific point, really hard. Visually I just can't point nothing wrong that could be a reason for it. Any hints or clues? Thank you.
  4. Olá, mais um aqui. JPA, RJ, UM2 Extd. Acabei de pegar usada. Esta agarrando no eixo Y, não consigo identificar o que é. Já alinhei os eixos...
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