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  1. I don't have a direct solution (facing issues with my printer as well at the moment ;-) ), but maybe a step in the right direction: have you checked / cleaned the knurled bolt (the spiky thing grabbing the filament) and the feeder gear itself?
  2. Thanks, I'll give it a try in that case (after I've fixed a few issues with my printer though)! I'll post the results here once I know more!
  3. I'm having a strange issue with my UMO+, that I haven't been able to figure out myself. My last succesful print was a pretty large 5h print, but after that the problems started. It prints a very uneven first layer, it almost looks like too much material is deposited. This causes the nozzle to start 'plowing' through the material, and causes it to push down the print bed. At first I thought it was a feeder issue, as the knurled bolt was grinding into the filament. But now I think the issue must be somewhere else, as the feeder seems to be working fine. I feel I've tried all the opt
  4. Recently I've been playing with the thought of upgrading my UMO+ with a dual fan setup. However, I don't have a stainless steel nozzle and a roll of Carbonfill laying around to print the fan cap, as recommended in the Ultimaker upgrade guide. What I do have is a few small samples of ColorFabb_HT, which I bought for experimentation purposes. Looking at the glass transition temperatures HT should be able to handle the heat even better than ColorFabb's carbon filament (HT: 100C vs XT-CF20 75C). So would it make sense to use HT for this purpose?
  5. Version 1.0


    This was my biggest model so far and I'm quite satisfied with the result after lots of sanding, priming, and painting. As the model is made for the UM2 Extened, I had to split the wings and fuselage using Mesmixer. I printed the parts with 0.15mm layers in various PLA types (ran out of UM PLA after the body ) One of the body parts came out weird, and next time I would look into making alignment pins of some sort. Gluing with CA superglue worked fine, only aligning some parts was tricky. I underestimated the finesse that goes into neatly painting a model of this size, but in the end I got the
  6. I guess because your model is too big to fit in the build volume of your printer and you have 'Scale large models' turned in Cura's settings. In that case Cura will automatically scale the model until it fits the print volume. Not sure if this may also be a unit issue (mm vs cm etc), but otherwise you may have to split your model into multiple pieces.
  7. Version 1.0


    I was looking for some nice test prints after getting my UMO+ up and running again, so I decided to m make the best of it and make my test prints into a nice chess set over time. Printed so far: Pawn 1: 0.20 layers, 200 degrees, 20 mm/s, 0.40 walls, 30% fill >> Overall a fine print, but an ugly overhang at the top edge Pawn 1: 0.20 layers, 190 degrees, 20 mm/s, 0.40 walls, 20% fill >> Tried fixing the overhang by going colder, worked ok,-ish Knight 1: 0.20 layers, 185 degrees, 20 mm/s, 0.60 walls, 15% fill >> Maybe too cold, overhang fine, but noticable lines on the s
  8. Version 1.0


    First real print on my new UMO+. Very satisfied with the result, only some small support residue below the chin.
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