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  1. orlin278

    Sudden underextrusion during print

    @smartavionics, thanks for your help. I attached the model. The things i changed from the normal settings are the wall line count, the thicknesses and the in fill density concerning the PLA part. I also used a skirt instead of a brim. The support is also altered in multiple ways (overhang angle, support density, conical support from experimental settings), but this worked without any problems. Maybe one more thing. I already printed this model successfully once. Back then i used other support settings and a 3 lines instead of 2 and 1mm Top/Bottom Thickness instead of 0.7mm. BodySelfDesign_factor.3mf
  2. orlin278

    Sudden underextrusion during print

    I'm using PLA from filamentworld, which is a german company. I measured the diameter and it was overall consistent at 2.8mm. So this seems fine. You're right, I am near to the end of the spool (I don't know exactly how much is left). So I will try again a print in the next days with the spool like it is and report afterwards. Thanks for your help
  3. orlin278

    Sudden underextrusion during print

    Thanks for your answer. I'm printing at 200°C at a speed of 80mm/s, which is the standard setting for the normal profile of a layer height of 0.15mm. The cleaning I'm doing like described. In my opinion the weird thing is that the print runs without any problems for 15 hours and then begins to underextrude. So I'm thinking that this problems somehow accumulates during the print.
  4. Hi guys, I have the problem that on long running prints I get underextrusion during the print. I'm using an Ultimaker 3 with standard AA 0.4 nozzles and PLA. At the beginning everything is normal and looks fine, but after some time underextrusion starts till in the end no material is extruded any more. Afterwards I have to clean my nozzle because it is clogged. I already checked the feeder, this is looking fine. I don't think that it is the material as this is not the first time this happens and not only with this material. Also it just happens in long running prints. I also checked the other nozzle, but there i have similar problems. Do anyone has any ideas left? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, what do you mean by "too high"? Is your first layer not on the build plate? Was the autoleveling successful? Is this for both nozzles or just for one? Just one idea, which made me some problems. Is your model really on the build plate in your slicer or is the z height incorrect. I disabled the function "Automatically drop models to the build plate" in Cura once for some reason and forgot to turn it on again, so some models where some millimeter off the build plate. What you can do else is to manually level your build plate. Best regards

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