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  1. I guess there are a lot of users which don't want to have the lights on because it shines through the windows. I can remember a user who has his printer in the garage for example and want to avoid that the neighbours or others see that there is something in there. So in my opinion it would be really great to have a button in the DF to switch the lights on and off.
  2. I agree that electronics don't really need a sleep, but we had a similar issue in the past and the sleep phase has solved the problem. Maybe no need for overnight, but I don't know how long it takes until the capacitors are empty. But anyway, great that you were able to solve the issue and that you are up to date now. Happy printing...
  3. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011545559-Update-the-Ultimaker-S5-firmware And check if your network connection (ethernet) is really working, because normally there is no need to update via USB. But if a network connection is not possible, then download the FW on the USB stick and the process should be same. Firmware update is done only from the printer, no Cura involved here. So on the printer in the settings menu - maintenance - update firmware
  4. I guess the problem here is that the Ender profile has changed and now everything behind the profile has now different settings. With UM printers and profiles a simple export from Cura is enough. But the profiles for 3rd party printer are contributed by the community so they are not well tested for backwards compatibility.
  5. The only thing you do in the initial setup routine is to level the bed. But for sure no XY calibration. But can you explain what you mean with this calibration? Maybe you can remember some parts.
  6. The machine definitions and quality profiles are normal json files, so also plain text. But check the Github page here https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura There you should find all configuration files to compare and you can also switch back to the 4.4 or 4.5 branch whatever you need.
  7. Not sure if it is the same with the windows version of Cura, I use a Mac, but when you go to your Cura configuration folder (Cura Help menu - show configuration) then the current configuration folders should open. When you now go one level back there should be still the folder for the older version. There you should find all the config files you need and they are plain text files, so should be easily to compare them.
  8. Do you really have an UM2+ Extended? Because XY calibration is needed for the dual printers like UM3, S3 or S5, but not for single extruder ones. So there is no XY calibration for an UM2+
  9. I am glad it works again. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Good but strange 🙂 BTW forget the mobile app, it is old and limited on functionality. So when you slice something and say print via network, Cura says ok sending to printer without any error but the printer does nothing right? Just an idea, but could it be that there is something working with your local network or Cura installation? After your factory reset and that the printer prints fine from USB I don't think it is the printer itself, but I am just guessing.
  11. I have moved your question to a separate thread.
  12. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012589099
  13. Can you try to save the file to an USB stick and use that one. Just to see if it works or not. So you did also a factory reset, right?
  14. Glass plates are nearly consumables, so you will need more of them with the time.
  15. Das ist das Wichtigste, viel Spaß und Erfolg damit! 🙂
  16. Yes I looked through the whole object and everything looks ok for me.
  17. I used the latest Cura v4.7. A profile doesn't help in your case, because it is printer specific. But when you want to test it, select the Ultimaker S5 as printer and just use the default profile. I don't use a special profile, just the default. Which printer do you have and which printer profile do you use in Cura?
  18. The question was which software do you use to design the model? CAD? But anyway, I just tried to slice your object and it seems fine. But I got some errors that the model is not ok.
  19. Hi first of all, please make real screenshots, the photos of the bottom right corner just shows the summary how long your print will take, we cannot see the model or any other things you are talking about. Slicing issues are 90% defects in the model itself. So I guess your STL itself has some error and therefore you get strange results when you slice the object. Which software do you use to design the objects? Can you upload your STL or even better the whole Cura project?
  20. hmm, I am nearly out of ideas, but two more things you could try. Turn off the printer and leave if switched off overnight. We had an user a few days ago who had a similar problem and leaving the printer switched off for a longer time helped. Not sure if it helps you also, but you could give it a try. Another idea is to disconnect the printer from the network, that isn't able to download the firmware. But to be honest I don't think this is the problem, I guess you will have to same result when you load the firmware from USB stick. It gets stuck during installing the fir
  21. According to this page https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011545559 Go to Preferences > Maintenance > Update firmware, and select the new firmware in the update menu
  22. The biggest and most important difference is that the robot isn't anymore on the side panel 🙂 just joking, but we miss him 😪
  23. When you have Cura 3.6 installed and install 4.7 it should (should!) migrate all the settings you had in 3.6.
  24. You can also adjust the brightness of the leds via the printers api, but to access them you need a local network connection. But someone could build an "external" local service (maybe with a raspberry) which is triggered somehow and then could adjust the lights. Complicated but I want to show that this could be also a possibility if you want to thinker around.
  25. I think it is really funny to design and to build the printer, but for me it is annoying that when you need parts or so, that you have to order it, wait for delivery and so on. Thats the most time consuming part I think and it would be much easier when you can get all the parts in a local store nearby. And it is nearly impossible to know in the beginning what you really need and do a big order and that's it. But on the other hand you learn a lot and you can easily fix problems or design failures, like your leadscrew for example.
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