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Hi everyone

After a very long tim i finally had the time and energy to finish a more complicated project.

Meet God-Zilla - the famous Wrestler.

Its printed in 15 parts in colorfabb glowFill (i absolutely love this material) and painted using games workshop and tamiya colors.

I really like how the paintjob affects the glow effect.



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A year on, and the UM2 continues to impress me.

I started a print today with very little hope that it would succeed. It's a leg for my quadcopter. At 170mm tall and 10mm at the toe, stability was going to be an issue. Near the top is a lip which needs to be well formed so the leg cannot be printed the other way up, which would be more natural, Also at the lip, the leg is sealed and as I wanted this as light a possible I turned all support off which means the UM2 would have to print in free space to cover it.

So with little hope I came back 3 hrs later and - Whoopie - Impressed.




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Today was the opening of a new art exhibition with the title "Ultimaker R2 - Edition".

We are proud to introduce several works of art from a well known artist - his name is |Robert|

Important hint:

All of them are replicas - any imperfections are not related to the artist.

First of all - this beautiful Ultimaker2-implant. The artist called it "Cable Chain".


The name of the next exhibit is "Alternative UM2 Feeder - version two"

Please take notice of the lovely curves - and it is very functional too!


Next is the awesome "Low friction UM2 spoolholder".

Here assembled to an specifically manufactered rack (for the purpose of a benificial presentation):



Here is our smallest exhibit. The artist gave it the expressive name "Dust Filter".


As a bonus we are proud to present an early design (published under his former pseudonym "sneakypoo") - a real barnfind. You can already recognize the later artifice of the professional artist. The name is "Earbud holder".

In contrast to some comments (if you follow the link) the assembly was very easy and personally i like the "clack" too.


Soooo..... back to topic:

Here is our latest print - freshly printed and flavorsome. We decided to give this as a gift to the artist. So we announce regretful that it is not longer shown in the official exhibition.... :mrgreen:

Merry Christmas Robert!



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Hi everybody,


My first attempt to upload some pictures. Thanks to gr5, else I wouldnt get this far. Conclusion: on an ipad is it a mission impossible to add some pictures. The command line above doesnt pop up somehow. So back on the laptop!

Anyway, I hope this link works!!





Happy days! Jan


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Me too. It is on my absolute top ten list


@nicolinux: stephenson and suarez are also 2 of my favorite authors. Have you read Stephen Gould's "Jumper" series? Amazing. And the Ender's game series and the first (but not the rest) "shadow" books that go with Ender's game.

These are all easy reads and some say "youth fiction" but awesome none the less. Or the "silo" series by Hugh Howey.


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I guess it's becoming a tradition, so here's this years evil "wrapping" for the money my nephews will get for X-mas. Unfortunately my printer is being a bitch, or it just hates X-mas, so the print looks like crap (looks much worse in person) but I'm running out of time. Still have another one to print and at my print speeds I'll have time for 2-3 more, max. Too bad, wanted to make it look prettier, but, no time left.

Not shown in the pictures is a tiny little ball that rides in the maze. So, naturally, until the ball has made it all the way through the maze the container cannot be opened Not fully at least, that's what the extra cover over the money slot is for. :p I actually don't know if this will be possible to solve if they start sliding it apart before the ball has made it through. Technically it's doable, but practically? No idea :D Worst case you can force it open, which is probably what will happen.




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You folks are calling these pictures the Australian mode?

I thought I might prepare it already for their sales, already the right side up! :???:

I will try to do European projection next time. :oops:



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I finished a very nice project today...

Background: few moth ago I started again diving into archery - and now the time for reparing the damaged arrows is right.

I designed a fletching jig for accurately placing the vanes/feathers onto my arrows (found a similar design searching a cheap jig...)

Fletching Jig

It consists of 10 printed parts and 2 springs.

Function: choose the green or blue part depending on the orientation of the cock vane on the arrow and nock it, place vane into the silver part and apply glue, place arrow in the two V-shaped colums, press them down to glue the vane onto the arrow... tadaaa...

b.t.w. - printing currently the parts of my "dust cover" to close the top of my UMO...


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It's certainly not my best UltiRobot but by far my best with Ninjaflex:

UltiRobot Ninjaflex

Settings: 0.1mm layer height, 15mm/s print speed, 225°C nozzle temperature, 40°C bed temperature, retraction enabled, printed on my heavily modified UMO.


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