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  1. Hello all,


    Last Friday you may have read the news already, Ultimaker appoints a new CEO. After years of warm, friendly and strategic guidance Jos Burger will hand over the steering wheel to Jürgen von Hollen. I am happy to share that Jos will advance to the advisory board. Jürgen's leadership will go into effect on January 1st, 2021. 


    Jos Burger joined Ultimaker in 2014 and we've been able to transform the company from a start-up to a global player in the 3D printing industry under his guidance. Jürgen has the experience to take over from Jos and guide us to the next era. Exciting times ahead! 


    If you are interested to read more about what Jos and Jürgen have to say, you can find the press release here.


    A deep thank you to Jos, and a warm welcome to Jürgen! 

  2. 1 minute ago, UbuntuBirdy said:

    Thank you so much! This is what we (UM2+ owner) needed to know! There will not be an upgrade for our printer an we can invest the reserved money for other products.


    Without any intentions of keeping you on a leash, I am specifically talking about this upgrade. I can not look into the future so I do not know what will, or will not be released for our Ultimaker 2+ user base. 

  3. 1 minute ago, UbuntuBirdy said:

    Obviously it wasn't lucrative enough ...


    That is what I said, in a few more words. Let's not forget, Ultimaker is a company and we need to be lucrative otherwise we cease to exist. We try to do this while staying as close with our customers as possible, but that doesn't mean we can do everything. I think this forum and the community as a whole proves among other things, that we like to stay close to our customers and that we listen to them. Even our developers are directly engaged with our customers.

    So as I said and you concluded, somewhat alternative products exist and it would take a lot of resources to develop and maintain an upgrade kit. Which makes it not lucrative indeed. And the resources spend on it would be lost on other innovations. Maybe it is me, but to me that sounds like valid reasoning. 

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  4. Thanks everyone for contributing. I don't think anyone is denying that an affordable upgrade kit for an Ultimaker 2+ to bring it to a similar level as the Ultimaker 2+ Connect wouldn't be appreciated by its users. But I think you might be underestimating the complexities of making such an upgrade, regardless if it is hardware or mostly software. To build it and support the different Ultimaker 2 [...] variations it would generate which all need to be maintained, tested and supported with future (software/firmware) updates. So, while we do understand that it would be appreciated, we can only spend our time once (just like anyone else) and we have to be cautious what to spend it on. We estimated that we could be more impactful dedicating our time on other innovations.


    Also considering the fact that alternative solutions exist (like 3DprinterOS), which is indeed not an Ultimaker product, but does cover some of the functionality and I think most people who needed the connectivity weren't waiting for us to develop an upgrade kit, but used the potential of an open source product and managed to find their way. 

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  5. Hello! 


    I would like to give you a heads up that on Tuesday December 1 between 5pm and 6pm CET we'll host an 'Ask Me' event on Twitter with one of our application engineers to celebrate episode 16 from Talking Additive; 'Metal FFF and performance polymers'. Our Application engineer Andrea Ciappi will be online for at least an hour to answer questions you have regarding these filaments. Make sure to post your questions with #TalkingAdditive so we'll be able to find them, even if you send them our way prior to to the event. We'll try to answer all! 


    If you are interested in these materials, I recommend you first listen to our podcast which is already very helpful! You can find it here!




    Looking forward seeing you there!

  6. Just now, Pena said:

    Yes, you're correct, it's not Ultimaker ABS, I purchased the material with the printer from CA MatterHacker. I wish Matterhacker would've been honest and explained I had the option to purchase Ultimaker material

    I'm not saying it is bad filament. Ultimaker ABS can also show delamination. One brand of ABS is not necessarily the same as a different brand ABS, that is why I suggested those guidelines may not be exactly fitting for matterhackers ABS, but they might give you a direction.


    You should feel comfortable to use the material profile that is embedded in Cura, when you want to use  BASF Innofil3D PAHT CF15. Make sure you use a CC core though! 


    Ultrafuse can be really great, but difficult. We have a podcast about it which launches tomorrow, it will be published on https://www.talkingadditive.com/. I recommend you check it out tomorrow for more information on this subject! A week later we will have an AMA on twitter with a product expert familiar with UltraFuse, so you can ask him any questions you have, after listening to the episode tomorrow! 👍

  7. Hi, it is called delamination and usually occurs when the print cools down too fast. This is particularly relevant for materials with high shrinkage like ABS. You could try to print with less fan, or keep the build volume hotter (not too hot, because you will run into other issues). Nylon (and I suspect teflon too) can also suffer from delamination, maybe Nylon a little bit less than ABS. But the remedy remains the same, as described earlier.


    It doesn't look like Ultimaker ABS, but perhaps these guidelines might help you configure the right settings.

    Hope this helps! 

  8. Not without a compromise. In theory you could continue with the tip of a new role of filament, that will continue to push this filament into the print head for consumption, but since the feeder has no contact to your 'left over filament', it will not respond to retractions, which you will most likely see in your print through stringing etc. 

  9. Hi @VerveDesign and @asj955,


    Thank you for your message, and sharing the previous logs. One log seems to be missing, which is the 'ultimakersystem(...).log.gz' file. It should be among the other logs you get when you save them on your USB via the Ultimaker S5. And given the range of issues you are having, I would like to recommend to get in touch with our support team and share those files with them too. You can reach our support team via this link


    (User UltiCoen (R&D) also had some suggestions that might be beneficial for your experience and shine some more light on your issue. Perhaps worth a look in parallel to my recommendation to contact support). 

  10. Hi, 


    your log files would probably give us more insight in what the cause was of this behaviour. You can find them on your Ultimaker S5 under maintenance > diagnostics > save logs to USB. If you can share those logs with us via this link  (support) our experts will be able to take a look. Thanks! 

  11. TPU-95A by nature oozes a little bit more than other filaments, so depending on your project and how bothered you are by it you may need to tweak some settings in your print profile. It has a different profile than other materials, but that goes for every material, they are all different. TPU-95A is generally a little bit slower I believe, due to its flexibility. Because Ultimaker does not use direct drive, there is a limit to the flexibility of filaments it can handle, but TPU-95A is well within its range. Hope this helps!


  12. Hello, 


    It is due to a variety of reasons. You can find some more information about each of the reasons on the designated material pages. Here it the page to TPU for example: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011940440-How-to-print-with-Ultimaker-TPU-95A


    It says:

    "Because TPU 95A is prone to oozing, we don’t officially support printing TPU 95A in combination with other materials.".


    PP we only have in neutral, so there is not really a reason to print it dual extrusion. But in any case, I would recommend to check the designated material pages. Here is a link to the overview: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002336619-Materials

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  13. Warping halfway through the print is called delamination, just a small fyi 🙂It is just as warping a sign that it is cooling a little bit too fast, so increasing temperature would probably help. If the material page suggests 45ºC, I would recommend to try that. It is within the safety range. Let us know how it goes!

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  14. The maximum temperature you can set in Cura is 50ºC. In theory it is possible to damage part when the printer is enclosed and temperature gets too hot, but the fan from the Air Manager should prevent this from happening. So as long as it is active, you should be fine. Hope this helps!

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  15. Dag Joost, 


    Ik heb hier nog een link voor je van onze Amerikaanse partner welke nog een aantal dingen goed uitlegt: https://ultimakernasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005705806-Why-Isn-t-My-Active-Leveling-Working-


    Er zitten handige foto's bij die je het verschil in hoogte van je glasplaat laten zien, hoe je deze kan afstellen aan de hand van de schroeven. Er staat ook wat informatie over kabels die je kan controleren, die evt storing kunnen geven gedurende het proces. Rood/wit en zwart/wit. 


    Succes, hopelijk heb je er wat aan!

  16. Hopefully you enjoyed the onboarding course we’ve made for you.

    If you haven’t followed it yet, you can find it here. By registering your product you can get free access to this course. We recommend everyone who is just starting with an Ultimaker 2+ Connect to follow this course. 


    In the course you will learn more about the product itself, the 3D printing workflow, Ultimaker Cura and maintenance. 

    Did you follow the course but do you still have questions? Please feel free to write them below!


    We’ll try to answer them and use the input as inspiration to improve our courses. Looking forward hearing from you!

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