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  1. Hi, assuming that this error was not present before you disassembled the print head, I guess a cable connection is loose somewhere. Maybe @IRobertI has a better idea.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forums. It looks like your model has a few errors. You can try to repair it with something like netFabb free or Meshlab. Other than that, it may be that some features on the model are too thin for the nozzle size to be printed correctly. Check out the "print thin walls" option in Cura.
  3. Hi @FlorisM, sorry that nobody answered your questions. You did nothing wrong - I guess not many people knew what to do in this case since stuff that works only sometimes is hard to debug and there are no definite guides for this case. For the sake of helping others with the same problem, would you be willing to share your solution to this problem?
  4. I have printed with several PLA colors from Eumakers and I don't find prints to be brittle. Rather they feel like regular PLA prints. Only thing keeping me from ordering there are the crazy high shipping costs. I had hoped to finally find a replacement for Faberdashery... ?
  5. Hi, the cura.log file you have attached - is this from the 3.4.1 version when it crashed in layer view? If not, I would close all cura applications, empty the cura.log file for 3.4.1, start it again and reproduce the crash, and then attach the new cura.log here again. If there are other .log files like stderr - please attach them too.
  6. Hi, I don't understand your post. Are you ranting about the actual situation with your Makerbot and are you already disappointed by the S5 even before working with it? I think nobody here can guarantee a completely hassle free printing experience since 3d printing itself is a very complex process and with the endless combination of model geometry and filament properties you are bound to hit some edge cases - if you look for them. I have experienced the S5 as a stable 3d printer which builds upon the UM architecture and delivers very good prints with little friction. Since you are an experienced 3d printing user (even if your experience seemed to have been pretty painful with your old printer), I would assume that you already know what to expect of a 3d printer and to know about the limitations of that tech.
  7. It could be that. Just open the feeder at the back of the printer and take a look at the knurled bolt. If the teeth are worn out, then the printer is not able to sustain the extrusion rate and both extrusion and retraction would be impaired.
  8. Hi @redslifer and welcome to the forums. It would be better if you created a new forum post with concrete questions regarding your printing issues. Right now I am not sure what you need help with. Also if you want to see the bugs solved in Cura, you could create bug reports for each issues (check for duplicates) here: https://github.com/ultimaker/cura/issues
  9. Hi, sadly I am not familiar with your printer, but I assume that the test file that came with the printer is a .gcode fille. If that's the case, you could track down how it was produced (which software, which settings) and start from there. Maybe even looking inside the .gcode file would give you a hint since most slicers add a comment at the top (comments start with semicolon) denoting the software name and version.
  10. Check the knurled bolt in the feeder. The first layer is printed very slowly so under extrusion would not be visible there. However a worn out knurled bolt might lead to under extrusion so George would be right with his suspicion.
  11. Also in "Layer view", set the color scheme to "Line type" so you can see what kind of shell Cura sets in there. You could also move the slider down to get to the layer where the hole at the bottom starts. Maybe there is a clue as to what happens.
  12. I did not find a way to start it manually, so either I overlooked it or it is not available through the menu. But why do you need it? I find that leveling in general is seldomly needed (except if you remove the glass plate after every print).
  13. Hi, ich erinnere mich auch daran und ich habe auch damals die devs angemeckert dass solche halben Lösungen besser kommuniziert werden sollten. Anscheinend ist es aktuell so dass das Laufwerk X: automatisch gewählt wird da davon ausgegangen wird dass dieser Laufwerksbuchstabe nicht oft vorkommt. @Mavic Wie ist der Stand aktuell bei dir? Kommt diese Fehlermeldung noch? Wenn ja und wenn du weiterhin nur Cura 3.4.1 installiert hast und sonst alle anderen Cura Versionen entfernt wurden, dann hänge bitte die neue "cura.log" hier an.
  14. Hi, which version of Cura do you use? If you use Cura 3.4.1 and still have installed the former version then try the old verion of Cura just to rule out a software related problem.
  15. +1 for sharing the files. I'd print it in a heart beat!
  16. Hi, ich schau dir das an wegen der Location der log Datei: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/wiki/Cura-Preferences-and-Settings-Locations
  17. If you can't get the part off, try dripping some water on the outter perimeter of the object. After a short time the water creeps under the object and you can take it off.
  18. Do you use Cura to slice? If yes, take a look at the "Layer preview" (top right) and enable "show travels". If the dark blue lines coincide with the blobs on the inside, then we can try to debug that.
  19. Then I am out if ideas - sorry. I don't print with ABS but maybe @Anders Olsson knows something.
  20. @jbmjuno When you install Cura for the first time, it should ask you if you want to submit anonymous statistics. I guess that's what triggers ZoneAlarm in your case.
  21. Not sure what's going on but it sounds like an issue with your Windows installation. Take a look at the "cura.log" file. Maybe there are some clues about it.
  22. Hi und willkommen im Forum. Suche mal nach der Datei "cura.log". Dort sollte der Grund stehen warum Cura nicht startet - sofern es an Cura liegt.
  23. Hm, weird. I tried it with an older version of Cura (3.4.x internal beta) and it works for me. Did you try it with another model too?
  24. I can't remember correctly how this bug "worked" but there was something about the print head freezing in place at the end of a print. It was about parsing .gcode files and the fix was to add enough random characters to not trigger the bug. Does it ring a bell?
  25. You'll have to play with the support interface options in order to get the best surface. Check out the "Support Interface Pattern" setting. If you were able to rotate the object by 90DEG you could avoid the supports. But with such a small object it would be difficult to print. Which printer do you use? Have you considered printing with PVA (if you have an UM3 or S5)?
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