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  1. I just started having the same problem after firmware up date !!! Why F did I do that !!! augg !!!! Ultimaker 2 with olssen block any thing over 240 it shuts down. the pic.
  2. will cura ever go back to multi core support .
  3. Pillowing . Very long time between updates for me. But the day before update working pertific, now pillowing, small gaps, >04 nozzle it is clean. Every time I up date cura , Nothing but problems hair pulling, cussing to get quality of prints . AUGGG!
  4. couldn't get any of my old curas to open . dumped them off my comp. now I can't get 2.6 to load! Any help would be great! Ed
  5. I've been using 240c and 90 bed . Only printed a few things all good.
  6. Very interested in this Idea. Thinking the prometheus system or the diamond hot end with only 2 in feeds due to room with the UM head. Ed
  7. Was thinking about insulating the underside of the heated bed to reduce heating time. Any thoughts? Ed
  8. I think you are asking too much from a paint coating. I would choose a different material to make your print from.
  9. Version 1.0


    Another magnetic name plate.
  10. I add it to one of those things that happens, ran that part 3 more times no problem. Die Antwoord, I think they're freaky and I like them a lot!
  11. Interesting design . so 2 heaters powered by UM2 board? Still have the heated bed working? 1.6 nozzle wow , think swappable nozzles I would great on that. You know this is a part that could be 3d printed in titanium.
  12. Any other great info on PETG. just got my roll from esun. Thanks Ed
  13. Ok I've printed this part many times. the only thing differnt I limited the draft sheild at 8mm and I bumped. Last 5 mins of print out of 4 hours it starts delaminating . At this point it's just a 2mm wide wall 3mm high peeling off. I'm looking at rest of print it looks great. Have pic's will try to get them on here but for some reason now site won't let me upload pic's now? abs temp 245 used a lot of mitus filament all of it good fan 20% .4 nozzle brim 10mm draft sheild 8mm high Complete side note for as much light the Ultimaker 2 puts out , like the worst place in the world to take a pic of your work! What the!
  14. Did around in cura. there is a roof for your support too.
  15. Cura 2.4 starts to open then nothing. deleted all other cura off my machine. windows 10 64 bit So tired 2.3.1 . Can't change nozzles unless you tell it + machine. doesn't like to lay stuff flat. For fun tried to 2.4 to run and it did. weird.
  16. Check you heat range, too hot and it way harder to get off. I've been having good luck with hair spray with abs. There is such a thing as too much glue. so light coats.
  17. I can't get the cura 2.4 to open either. :-(
  18. Why would you use any kind of oil X, Y shafts? They collect dust. Dry spray silicone or the mother of all lubes , Tri flow. Do not collect dust. I know Gunsmiths who use these synthetics exclusively on full auto guns. In fact if the z worm gear hadn't came covered in Grease, would be using Tri Flow on it. Side note on application of lubes, apply a liberal amount to a lint free cloth then rub on bars. Ed
  19. So I guess I'm not the only one running off the original UM2 firmware. I did update once everything went sideways. :angry:
  20. Interesting , has any one flipped the extruder over yet? you could also move it to the other side. I been looking into the accessory track you can mount on back of machine. (cannot remember the name of it) I want to move the extruder to the track . Ed
  21. This is news to me.. been lucky always keep the sticker side up. Maybe do some etching on the down side that won't ever come off?Ed
  22. Yes! nice going to have to too doing that upgrade. also like the Meduza bracket.
  23. Good read up. happy you got it running again. Glad I haven't done the $500 upgrade.
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