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  1. We are fixing an issue where on some printers the screen is rotated, but there the screen is rotated a few seconds after boot. The issue people report here is new to me. Can a few of you people mail me the log files? Use the 'Dump logs to usb' from the maintenance menu. And send me the files through the 'Message' button at the top of my profile page here on this forum.
  2. The ER18 is an error for communication problems to the print head. Instead of re-attaching the cable, contact your reseller (as it says on our website ultimaker.com/ER18). Depending on production date of your printer there might be a permanent solution. Regarding the SD-card slot, all our UM3 models have this. It is just a bit difficult to find. See the picture in GR5's article. You will have to remove the USB cable because the SD card connector is located underneath it.
  3. This hotfix will allow updates for printers by means of a USB stick. Regarding the network problems, can you dump the log files to a USB stick and email them to me? Send me a private message through the 'message' button at the top of my profile page.
  4. Purpose of the hotfix is to solve the most urgent problems so you shouldn't have to revert to the old version... Reverting to the older firmware by using the SD-card install procedure should always work, this has nothing to do with a fix or change we made in the firmware. The SD card installer procedure not working for you is strange. - You do have an UM3, right? GR5's link to the image file is for an UM3 only. - What type and size of SD card are you using? We always use 8Gb models. Perhaps you are using some new high capacity model? For your WiFi connection problems, can you mail me the log files? Please retry the WiFi setup procedure, and when this fails, then copy the log files to a USB stick. (use the 'Dump logs to USB' from the diagnostics menu. You can send me a private message from the button at the top of my profile page.
  5. The S3D files not printing is an unfortunate problem. In order to improve print quality we added a warning when a print is started that was sliced for a different material / print core combination. The S3D slicer is missing these info fields in the gcode. As I understand S3D has published an updated printer profile for the UM3. See the post below:
  6. Intention here was to show your current firmware version. If you want to update you enter to see what other versions are available. So, it is not telling you to update to a newer version. But I do see how this can be confusing.
  7. For the Simplify 3D users: In the S5 (and now UM3 as well) a few more compulsory fields were added to the start of the gcode. I'm not an S3D user so can't tell you where and how to configure this, but to the startingGcode you have to add the following comment lines: ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.INITIAL_TEMPERATURE:60 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.MATERIAL.VOLUME_USED:1234 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.MATERIAL.GUID:506c9f0d-e3aa-4bd4-b2d2-23e2425b1aa9 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.NOZZLE.DIAMETER:0.4 My guess is you can replace the hard coded values with variables like [bed0_temperature] and [extruder0_temperature]
  8. This is a known bug and was fixed about half a year ago. Updating from the 'i' in the top right corner stalls your printer on some of the older S5 releases. When this happens you can safely switch off the machine, the update process hasn't started yet. The update procedure does work when you start it from the maintenance menu.
  9. Did some more research. TheUM3 has no gcode for pausing until a button is pressed, but the UM2(+) has. The M0 and M1 commands will stop the print until the specified time has passed or the user presses a button. Parameter P = time in milliseconds Parameter S = time in seconds. "M0 P2000" waits 2000 milliseconds or button press "M0 S2" waits 2 seconds or button press "M0" waits for button presse
  10. The sequence for the buildplate locations on the UM2 and UM3 differ. My original version was for the UM3 and I didn't change it when converting to the UM2. I don't think there is a command to stop the printer until a button is pressed. Strange, it makes sense to have such a command, maybe I'm overlooking something. You can't use the pause command since that will also move the bed. Other options: - Take full manual control by installing the pronterface program.
  11. Yes, I meant you to change the gcode yourself by opening the file in an editor / text processor. I understand you've never done this before so I attached a file for the UM2(+) / UM2E(+). This isn't tested since I don't have such a printer here for testing now. UM2_bed_check.gcode
  12. Just for plays I created a gcode file you can test with. The file is a a print job that will move to the 3 manual levelling locations and remains 5 seconds at each location before moving on. Since you didn't mention your printer model I created this for the UM3. For the other printer models you'll have to change the head positions. Note that manual levelling is only to be done when you think something changed in your printer or its environment. There pass multiple months where I don't re-calibrate. bed_check.gcode
  13. Which Cura version are you using? I tested the v4.0 Beta2 with an older obj-file and this was working. I got the obj-file from this topic. Perhaps you can post your obj-file?
  14. We are continuously improving the software of our printers and many stability improvements for the S5 will become available for the UM3 too. To our regret the last release for the UM3 has been delayed way more than anticipated. The problem we are facing is that the S5 and UM3 are very similar, but differ in a few important ways. We are working hard to give the UM3 an update to the same code base as the S5, but we can only release this when we are absolutely sure the update process will never brick your machine. Tests have been going on for some time now, but new edge cases did pop up again-and-again. We are working hard to release a new UM3 version, but I can't say anything about the timing. It will get there when we feel confident.
  15. One change in the printer that didn't get full attention is that we are re-designing the deprime routines. This part of the software structure has become a mess over time and creates some of the long running problems where the filament makes unexplained moves at the end or start of a print. As a user you won't notice too much from this restructuring but for us software engineers it makes the code easier to maintain. One visible change we made is that the filament parking location moved about 10cm up and is now located outside the print core at a visible location in the bowden tube. Advantage of this is that a faster changing filament or changing print core can be executed since we can skip heating the print core. These changes touch all the printer's functions so require a lot of testing. One other important new feature in this release is the cloud connection and since this depends heavily on Cura we had to synchronize the firmware beta together with the Cura beta. Because of the synchronized release of Cura Beta and the firmware beta we didn't have time to fix all known problems but we think the firmware is good enough for people who want to play around with the new features and we are anxious to receive your feedback.
  16. We hope to have tackled this bug in this v5.2 release, so future updates will go smoother. The problem was that the internal flash drive had too little free disk space for extracting the downloaded new firmware file. There was a check for available disk space, but this check was executed too late. We now check at an earlier time and force clean extra disk space. Another fix we made was limiting the maximum size of the system log files. There was a size limitat enforced on system startup, but a system with lots of (network) errors would still eat up all available space just being powered on. Now the log size limit is enforced always.
  17. Yes, I did set the values to -1 to disable the functions. Not really a big thing, but since your other driver chip is broken this feels like the right thing to do. Like I said before, the changes you made seem fine. The code you posted is slightly different from my local copy. Just checking, but what machine type do you have (UM2, UM2+)? And, what is the link to the git repository you are using?
  18. I haven't tried, but it sounds like you are making the correct changes. The Ultimaker board has id 72 in the Marlin code. Change: #define E0_STEP_PIN 42 #define E0_DIR_PIN 43 #define E0_ENABLE_PIN 37 #define E1_STEP_PIN 49 #define E1_DIR_PIN 47 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 48 into: #define E0_STEP_PIN 49 #define E0_DIR_PIN 47 #define E0_ENABLE_PIN 48 #define E1_STEP_PIN -1 #define E1_DIR_PIN -1 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN -1 Too bad you didn't post your modified code, so we can't verify your changes.
  19. You don't get a lot of response to your question since it isn't clear what you want to know. In the Ultimaker printers you don't have to calibrate the filament flow since the variation between printers is very small. Perhaps you think there is a problem with the filament flow and you are asking for a way to verify this? If yes, then I don't know 'the best way', but there are a few maintenance tasks you can do: - Clean the nozzle: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19510-how-to-apply-atomic-method - Verify the feeder tension is set to the middle of the allowed range (there is a small screw on top of the feeder) - When you had a lot of grinding recently, perhaps clean the feeder insides: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50688-clean-the-feeder - Retighten the hotend insulator: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50677-retighten-the-hot-end-isolator If all this didn't help, then on the UM2(+) you might have a problem with the hotend insulator being degraded, this happens sooner when you print at temperatures > 250C. These hot end isolator couplers are sold all over the internet
  20. Installing 5.1.8 on the UM3 might brick your printer!!!! Don't try this. We are working hard to get the UM3 update working but this takes time to get stable for all situations.
  21. Yes, UM3 firmware comes in 1 flavour only. The machine type (and a few other settings) are programmed in a separate location during fabrication.
  22. Filament monitoring in a UM3 requires addition of a sensor in the feeder. To my knowledge Ultimaker is not planning to sell this as an upgrade. If you can get hold of an S5 feeder than it's not too difficult to get it working though. Perhaps you can even make a community project out of this? I'm not sure what you mean by the Frame LED control. You can already control these LEDs through the menu and web API.
  23. The UM3 is still supported, don't worry. As mentioned above, the S5 and UM3 share a common code base and we did plan to release a new UM3 together with the 5.1 release for the S5. However ... There are more technical problems than we anticipated and the UM3 release did not pass our quality tests. The S5 with its graphical interface uses more disk space and this required another partitioning of the internal file system. Converting the existing UM3's to the new disk partition sizes is working, but we keep finding new edge cases that have to be covered as well. We are working hard to get a UM3 release out, but only want to release it when we are confident the update won't brick your printer.
  24. Released v5.1.8 V5.1.8 was released yesterday for the S5. This is a minor update to the previous v5.1.7 and was only released to fix two annoying problems: - Fix: starting a print with custom materials was impossible. The print started with some head movements and then stopped again without error message. - Fix: when you would delete a job from the print queue in Cura Connect, it would also delete another job from the job history.
  25. Yep, the recovery procedure as linked above should get your UM3 up and running again. The reason we didn't protect against this type of mistake is that the software for S5 and UM3 is very similar. In fact, so much alike, that in the near future we are planning to make it the same update-package. But, for the S5 we had to increase some file partitions, and that's what is killing the UM3: a full disk. We can make protection routines in new software, but we were unable to add such functionality to software that's already used in the field (a chicken-egg problem). When you are using the network based update functionality then you can't run into this update problem, but for offline printers you have to be careful which package you install.
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