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  1. The CFF matrials are the generic Carbon Fiber Filled materials. Look out for "Color on Demand Generic". It's probably called like this. Btw. Is there a special reason why you put the PVA into print core 1 and the main material into printcore 2? While it is possible and should theoretically give the same result, you probably get slightly better results the other way round as this is what people usually test materials profiles with.
  2. Did you perform a factory reset after the firmware update? This is what I would try first. It might be a variable not properly set up needing re-initialization.
  3. Die Glasplatte kann man im Prinzip auch auf der anderen Seite verwenden wenn der Abplatzer nicht zu grossflächig ist und damit den Wärmetransfer zu sehr blockiert. Ich persönlich würde den Warnsticker wegnehmen (und ordnungsgemäss auf die andere Seite kleben damit ich hier nicht zum Entfernen eines Warnhinweis auffordere) um den kleinen Spalt zwischen Glas- und Alu-Platte zu verhindern. Den UHU-Kleber kann man mit einem feuchten Lappen verschmieren damit alles gleichmässig benetzt ist und nicht etwa Stellen auftreten können wo das Filament doch direkt auf der Glasplatte aufliegt. CPE ist
  4. If you are still using Windows 7 you might have a bigger (security) issue than a crashing Cura. I would not expect any Ultimaker person to fix something on Cura that makes an EOL Windows version crash.
  5. In case you would find a way to install the "wrong" firmware (which is not so likely as Ultimaker certainly thought of users accidentally installing a wrong firmware) you probably would find the printer not working properly as the S3 has different electronics than the Ultimaker 3. In the worst case you might damage the printer. Does that answer your question?
  6. Wenn eine Spule fertig ist wird automatisch auf die nächste gleichartige Spule gewechselt. Es ist nicht auszuschliessen, dass es mal eine Funktion geben wird, wo ein Material z.B. in einer bestimmten Höhe gewechselt wird aber das liegt vermutlich wenn dann eher in fernerer Zukunft. Ein Hin- und Her-Wechseln zwischen z.B. verschiedenen Farben es kaum je geben. Der Sinn der Material Station ist nicht, Vielfarbendruck zu ermöglichen sondern die Produktivität des S5 Druckers zu maximieren indem Standzeiten wegen Spulenende vermieden werden.
  7. Es kann in Cura ausgewählt werden, welcher Materialtyp für die beiden Extruder verwendet werden soll. Für einen bestimmten Extruder muss das Material aber entsprechend in die Material Station eingelegt sein, d.h. beim Einlegen muss man immer entscheiden, ob dieses neue Material Extruder 1 oder 2 zu geführt werden soll (2 verschiedene Eingänge). Wenn man mehrere Spulen des gleichen Materials geladen hat, dann nimmt der Drucker diejenige Spule, welche zuerst eingelegt wurde. Gleiches Material bedeutet für Ultimaker Materialien gleiche Farbe; bei Drittanbietern gibt es keine Farbunterscheidu
  8. Question: What about showing the compatibility per plugin including all plugins that are compatible with newer Cura versions (maybe, those of the last half or full year; not only the latest)? Some users, especially in companies, might not upgrade every time a new Cura version comes out.
  9. I certainly cannot comment on all your findings as some would require to be a firmware dev. But this information here might help to understand why things are as they are atm. 1 - The printer is waiting for the heated bed to cool down. As soon as it is cold enough to touch you get the "confirm removal" button and can finish the process. The background here is a legal one: the machine has to be safe so removal should not be allowed if there is a risk to burn your fingers. Safety is part of professionalism - whether we like it or not in specific cases. You can speed it up on your
  10. Reinstallation is probably not necessary. Simply re-loading the materials and a power cycle should be enough. Or even a print as you already found out.
  11. That is because the firmware of the Ultimaker 3, where the sensor would have to be implemented, is partially not open source.
  12. @molliske, @Szahari - I had that not-properly-primed effect various times in the past on multiple Ultimaker models after a firmware upgrade. Meanwhile I found a good work-around. I unload all materials before firmware upgrade, then upgrade it from the printer menu or task list. After the upgrade I restart the printer with the main switch leaving it off for something like half a minute.
  13. Fiberforce Italy has a conductive material that is PLA based. Be aware it is not as simple to print as standard PLA. http://www.fiberforce.it/products-pro/ This one is not abrasive but should be printed in a well ventilated environment.
  14. You maybe want to give some information about the material (PET-G?) and the temperature and other quality settings you used.
  15. The 5 binding orders were for testing the sensor at the start of the project. I refered to a small series production of something like 100-150 pcs.
  16. Apart from the S3 having filament sensors (so there is now a printer with smaller build size and filament sensor) it does not change anything for the previous models. The firmware of the Ultimaker 3 and the S-line remains partially closed (means only the Marlin part is available upon request). That said it is not possible to adapt the Ultimaker 3 firmware and publish it legally. Afaik that interest was never large enough to make a small series production worth to be ramped up. I would consider the project to be silently terminated.
  17. Make sure you insert Ultimaker spools close to the left edge of the Bay used. The likelihood of a wrong recognition can be significantly reduced like this to my personal experience. The reason is that NFC tags are well separated from the NFC sensor of the bay right from the used one; social distancing for spools so to say...
  18. Generic CPE should not be that different. Important thing is that temperatures are about right; the fine tuning can be done in Cura.
  19. You should not print abrasive filaments such as fiber inforced materials with a brass nozzle. Therefore the CC 0.6 print core with the ruby nozzle is needed for carbon fiber inforced filaments.
  20. Increasing travel speed above 150mm/s is not recommended on the Ultimaker S-Line printers as the risk of an accidental horizontal shift increases. Higher jerk settings only result in more ringing but not problematic as long as they stay on a reasonable level; the engineering intent profiles might give you an indication what an upper limit might be.
  21. The material selection on the Pro Bundle works exactly the same as on a stand-alone S5 with one exception: the material profile must be compatible with the material station. As you already figured out, Ultimaker material profiles are of course all compatible with the Material Station. In addition, some Ultimaker partner materials are also already compatible with the Material Station; it's up to the individual manufacturers/brands to make their filaments compatible or not. You can find out if they are or not at marketplace.ultimaker.com. For other third party materials, or such that a
  22. Well, of course I don't know the volume percentage of the impact modifier but what can be googled it seems fractions up to 30% are possible. Depending on how different the radiation length of that modifier is from PLA it can differ significantly. What I probably would do is to print samples and make a test series with a stable radiation source. Especially I would compare the Tough PLA to Standard PLA of the same color and also to transparent PLA. You might also take other materials into consideration for such a test.
  23. Das Problem hier dürfte eine nicht eindeutige Erkennung bei Fach C sein. Offensichtlich sieht der NFC-Leser von Fach D auch die Spule von Fach C (sieht man daran, dass eine volle Spule erkannt wird). Ich habe mir angewöhnt, alle 750g Spulen möglichst am linken Rand des Fachs einzulegen; das minimiert das Risiko, dass eine Spule des Fachs links davon ebenfalls gesehen wird.
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